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Are you tired of the 'Are You Still Watching?' screen? Have you ever fallen asleep during a Piper Chapman-centric episode of 'Orange Is The New Black', only to wake up three episodes later? Or maybe you're ready for the 'chill' in 'Netflix and Chill' but still want to hold your place. In any case, the company has invented a new accessory that will solve all of your binge-watching problems.
Introducing Netflix's Smart Socks - socks you can wear while watching your favorite Netflix shows that are embedded with a special sensor that knows when you're about to leave the couch to use the bathroom, grab a snack, or anything else that might temporarily pull you away. It also uses a technology called 'actigraphy', which will pause your show when it catches that you've faded to a deep sleep BPM. (I know. Science is crazy, you guys.)
The best (or worst, depending on how lazy you are) news is that it's available in the form of DIY instructions - so you can either buy all the supplies at your own price and make it yourself at home, or you can just wait for someone that's more talented and ambitious than you are to make them available on their Etsy shop.

In any case, Netflix socks are here! Is this a binge-watching breakthrough or just a sign of where we're headed as a future society of couch people?

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hahaha That's the coolest creepiest thing I've seen all week.
I feel like that's a lot of things with technology. Like my iPhone knows my location most of the time and that's creepy, but idc it's convenient right?! haha @SarahBethe4
@InPlainSight I SHALL GO READ IT and support my News sister.
@InPlainSight OH NO!! Did she write about this too??
@nicolejb because my socks shouldn't know when I'm sleeping!!! Although doesn't mean I wouldn't get a pair. :-)
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