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This weekend, I'm going to attend my first NFL/Professional Sport game! My Raiders vs Green Bay Packers in Oakland! From my house in Southern California, Oakland is about a 9 hour drive. I've been through Montana, I've been through Utah, I've been through a bit of Idaho, I've been through Arizona and Nevada, but I've never been more than two hours up into my own state. Two of the things on my bucket list are to see the Golden Gate Bridge and to tour Alcatraz! I'm planning on travelling the hour between San Fran and Oakland, so the GGB is certain, but Alcatraz is just a "maybe" right now. This got me thinking, if I were to share a few things on my travel bucket list, mostly the places I'm going to travel to, would it be accepted as a challenge? I hope so, because there are many things that I've never heard of that I know I'd probably love, but just haven't been exposed to yet! As with the New Years Resolutions, thinking of a bucket list causes you to think differently. It raises self-awareness and intrapersonal intelligence. So, if you'd like to participate, it'd be greatly appreciated! You're under no obligation! Buuut, it'd be cool to see that others think about this stuff and quite fascinating! ;D (Most of these things I want to do would ideally be with the One. I have so many things I want to do, but want it all to be done with one person, the same person. After all, couples who travel together, stay together, right? ;p)
Bamboo Forests in both Japan. So beautiful. I swear, I'm going to spend years wandering the dreamscape that is Japan.
Black Forest, Germany. Romantic in a slightly eerie way. And it's so gorgeous. There's also an old Mill somewhere in there. I love forests and the trails.
Pamukkale, Turkey. Water, at a temperature of 35°C, comes out of the mountain 100 meters up, and has formed these pools. This is one of the top 4 places I want to travel to and relax at.
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia Look at this. I need this in my life lol When it rains, for miles, it turns the ground into a huge "mirror". I think the one under the stars is THE most magical and romantic setting I've ever seen in my life. Imagine, being taken out there and having a light picnic, when your partner stands up, opens the car doors, starts playing soft music, goes back to you and offers you their hand to slow dance under this.... That's how I picture this night playing out. Oh, so sensual, but not sexual. Intimate. Perfection. "I have now seen into the universe, and even that is of no comparison to your eyes." or something cheesy like that lmfao That was so bad XD I'll have to work on it XD
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PS- these pictures... Man. Gorgeous.
GO PACK GO!!! Sorry my family is from Wisconsin :)
@ButterflyBlu You can't say something about the Raiders, and then follow it by telling me that you're a Cowboys fan XD You lose all credibility =p ;D ❤ @nicolejb They won D= Raiders are so frustrating... They basically gave Green Bay 21 free, mostly uncontested points. I was so pissed. Haha
I know I saw the game. haha honestly that's the only sports I really watch... when the Packers play @Arellano1052
@Arellano1052 except, in being a Cowboys fan, we even agree as long as Romo is around? Lol. You're still a Raiders fan. :P *ducks*