Can't wait for the full album to be released! I enjoyed everything (for the most part) so far, excited to see the final product. Not a big fan of the way they promoted/went about releasing the album, but hey. Not my job to decide that, just my job to enjoy and dig the music the boys put out. On another YG note, I'm probably more excited for Winner in January. Like. Can't wait much longer or I might die.
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I'm so excited too....馃槏馃槏馃槬馃槬馃幍馃幎
2 years agoReply
@Mercedesbenz98 yay! Who is your iKon bias?
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Sorry I replied late... To be honest I haven't really decided on which is the best. I like them all for right now. Which one is your bias?
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@Mercedesbenz98 I adore Bobby, so he is definitely my bias but I adore Donghyuk too. He's such a great dancer.
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I cant wait for their album 馃榿
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