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I can't believe you're no longer here, I will never forget you my amazing/crazy/fun loving/thoughtful friend. I remember you asking me if you could confide in me, made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone, I swore to take it with me to the grave, and just because you're gone from my sight I assure you that hasn't changed, I will keep that promise. Do you remember our 4th block science class junior year? I do, I'll keep our awkward, goofy, teenaged shenanigans in my heart forever. Like that game of keep away you, P.J., and Steven played to my annoyance.... our teacher said that he would turn his back so that I could "put the fear of God" into you and he'd say he didn't see anything if a principal walked in? It wasn't fun for me at the time, but the next day it didn't matter, that's my most cherished memory of you now. I'm so sorry we didn't talk much, I miss you Mr. Mayor, Crazyville won't be the same without you.
He sounded like an amazing. My condolences...
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thanks, he was the best. no matter what he was going through he'd always try to help someone with whatever challenge they faced.
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I'm so sorry. I know... That's all I know to say. I just...know. 😢 *hugs*
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Sounds like a really great guy. I'm so glad you have these fond memories to look back on... I add my hugs to the hug pile. <3
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Thanks, he was the first friend I'd made in high school. He was so much fun to be around, people just couldn't NOT like him. :)
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