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yeah thaaaaaats right shake them legs Yongjae hahaha
haha I screenshorted this and was like this looks like them pregnancy prebirth thing women do with the breathing and relaxing hahaha looks like thats what they did before Jimin was born hahaha jk I honestly highly respected Daehyun for some reason and I feel like Yongjae is super loveable
taking the breathing exercise the pimped way haha jk Bang Yungooks hott.... :) I like how Zelo has his arm out like that haha I love him Himchan Oppa also looking his best
Ok that is a no no Daehyun NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! Do you know how jealous Baekhyun will be once he sees this :'( he was already sad when he saw you and Yongjae haha im just kidding this was actually really funny when I saw Daehyun pulling Himchan I was practicing on my History final thats do tomorrow(have to write a paper on sleep patterns in teenagers)
they ended up ripping the banana R.I.P Banana :'( haha oh BTW sorry for my poor typing Grammer stuff(if you see it ill try to fix it or correct me in any of my posts) I have problems haha with my sleep only 6 or 4 hours cuz of school.... right now Im on 1 hour of sleep... I think I failed American Lit.... haha well bye bye ill post another one in a bit or tomorrow I got an orchestra concert tomorrow and a dance final and I gotta prasent ugh to much work hahaha kk bye bye
I love you Yongjae