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So @TessStevens tagged me. Well I will say Once upon a time I was A Marykay seller. So a lot of products will be from them. And yes I absolutley love makeup. I don't necessarily wear it everyday. In fact I wear a natural face most of the time. Then for fun sometimes I go for a little more natural look. Then as @TessStevens called my one look fierce for that special night out I go all out. But above you will see what I mean by examples.
so most people don't know that your skin can change with the seasons. So during winter I use the normal to dry and then about summer time I use the combination oily set. I do not use the sunscreen day time (the little pink bottle) because I am allergic to the sunscreen in this one. But I wash my face in the morning and at bedtime. Then moisturize, and then use the night time time wise wrinkle around my eyes. The set costs $95 but makes my skin glow.
mary kay primer $16.50 has spf in this one but has a different active ingredient and helps protect my pores.
nyc concealer $1.89 I use the light. I just love it. I use it for concealing but also to help contour
I use the ivory 1 mineral powder sometimes by itself or to set my face when contouring with the Mary Kay Cc cream very light-light.each costs $20. They both give off the natural look.
my eyeliner of really does last 24hours...$7.94
mascara...I use sometimes all three at once or sometimes by themselves. nyc big and bold $4.50 maybelline lash stiletto $8.50 mary kay ultimate black waterproof $12.00
most days I wear no makeup or I wear eyeliner mascara and lip gloss. this is my favorite lip gloss.
My total face costs on a daily $90- $193.99 but on those special occasions I'm sure it costs up to $350. Ok well yeah the price of beauty but it's well worth it.
this makeup was given to me as a gift last year from my friend for my birthday/xmas gift because her ex husband was a manager of a sephora store and it was never used...yeah I love her.
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Wow what a collection!!! You're so lucky that you used to sell Marykay I bet you got a great discount :) Love the card girl <3
@AlloBaber. I got a great discount... and thank you
Wow! Now I know who to ask for makeup tips! lol
feel free to ask. I was thinking of making a card with a few. lol but most of my tips I learned from doimg, you tube videos and just doing what I felt was right
@BeannachtOraibh I sort of hooded eyes as well so I can help out with that