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---------------------------------------------------------- Hang Ah's father asked Hang Ah to escape together with him to other country, but Hang Ah refused. She found out that North will attack South first. Jae Ha discussed about the impact if the war happens. I think the numbers and information really overwhelmed him >< The scene went back to Hang Ah in her room. She got a parcel from a stranger. When she opened the box, there is a set of soap and skincare that Jae Ha gave to her, but inside the box, there was a document and information that US will attack North on May 24. Hang Ah tried to convince the Head of Poeple party, but he didn't trust her. So she said, "then let's die together." He asked Hang Ah to tear up their engagement document to prove that her feelings wont make her weak. She really torn it up! Finally the North agreed to have conversation with the South. ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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---------------------------------------------------------- Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7:
@raffzalm I knowwwww it's tooooo plain!! yesterday was intense..this episode is like..they just want to finish it quickly..what's wrong with all the writers argg!
that's's quiet disappointed when the complicated plot just end in a simple ways...but at least it has a happy ending..haha
i like yesterday's episode better than today's..its kinda it only me??
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