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Come check out this new group - Neo School (네오스쿨). They have not yet debuted but each member has their own far. Currently there are 9 members but Neo Schools official Twitter says there is still 2 more to come! Below the videos are introductions of each member from the website...
#1 Tae Yang! This is what Taeyang has to say... (태양) "Hello~ Like the burning sun in the sky! I’m TAE YANG, a man of perseverance! One of my strengths is my persistence, because I never give up until I accomplish my goal!  My attractive sides will be revealed soon through upcoming videos and images, so please check it out!"
#2 Ju Ho! Meet Juho... (주호) "Hello! This is “chic bad boy” JU HO from the first group of NEOZ.  Even though I may look cold and chic on the outside, you will be able to find different, unexpected sides on the inside ^^  I will consistently show you my charm, so please please look forward to it!"
#3 Cha Ni! Say hi Chani~ (찬회) "Hello, I’m “fresh smile angel” CHA NI from the first group of NEOZ.  I like watching movies, listening to music, and eating!  I’m slightly taking on the Meok-bang challenge these days, haha.  I will be showing you different sides of myself, including my school life, through FNC’s Neo School, so please look forward to it and show your support for me!"
#4 Ro Woon! Hi Rowoon!! (로운) "Hello~ This is “wise, helpful, insightful” RO WOON.  I’m interested in fashion so I enjoy shopping~ Out of the first group of NEOZ, I’m in charge of the “physique” and long legs, haha.  Please check out the many different sides of me through Neo School!"
#5 Young Bin! This is Youngbin... (영빈) "Hello, this is YOUNG BIN from the first group of NEOZ.  Since I am the first group of FNC Neo School’s NEOZ,  I will carry on the responsibility and try my best~ I don’t really know why…  but they say I’m in charge of making serious jokes that aren’t really funny, haha.  I will try my best to become the best in everything, and continue working hard to become “honest and diligent” Young Bin, so please look forward to it~"
#6 Hwi Young! Nice to meet you Hwi Young~ (휘영) "Hello, this is HWI YOUNG. I like to watch movies and listen to hip hop. I actually like rainy days~  I like the sound of the rain and also the calmness of the weather ^^ Just like rainbows that appear after the rain,  I wish to become a person of many colors, haha.  I’ll always be HWI YOUNG, full of the “fighting spirit”."
#7 Da Won! Hello Dawon! (다원) "Hello, this is DA WON from the first group of NEOZ! I have various charming sides,  but I’m also skillful in being cute. Besides cuteness,  I also want to make everyone happy through my talents! You won’t be disappointed!!  This has been FNC Neo School’s “Explosively Charming” DA WON "
#8 Jae Yoon! Meet Jaeyoon... (재윤) "Hello~ This is JAE YOON. In addition to being “handsome,”  I also have voice you would want to listen to before you fall asleep. You will slowly fall for me, haha. I’ll not only be showing my attractiveness,  but also my chemistry with the other NEOZ members.  Get ready to get a “heart attack” and please look forward to my upcoming activities!"
#9 In Seong! 안녕~ In Seong~ (인성) "Hello, this is IN SEONG, the “brain” and “charmingly sharp guy” of the first group of NEOZ.  I’ll emphasize again that I really am the smartest (Shy ^^;;).  I am honored that I have the same name as the actor, Cho In Seong (serious).  I want to let many people know of my voice in the future. I will try my best, so please support me!"
See anyone you like yet? This is their homepage... This is their Instagram... This is their Facebook... This is their Twitter... This is their fan cafe... Their videos are now on the Naver V App...