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Emilys' P.O.V.

The door swung open and in walked Kaela. Her eyes were puffy and red. She gave a us a quick glance and then walked passed us. Delilah followed her, "I don't understand! Why won't you trust me?!" Delilah looked tired and frustrated. Everyone was watching them intently. Baekhyun even paused the game he was playing. "How can I trust you after what you did?" Kaela stopped and pointed at Delilah. "I didn't mean for this to happen! I said I'll fix it. You haven't even given me a chance!" Delilah stood in place and sighed. "I did remember? You were supposed to do horribly!" Kaela turned her back. "Are you serious? What do you think I was doing? I tried! It's not my fault he wouldn't give up! You know I didn't want to audition. I know the rules of the claim, why would I break them?!" Kaela turned around and looked Delilah right in the eyes, "Because you were jealous." Delilah laughed, "Jealous?! Are you kidding me?!" Kaela nodded, "Yeep, Jealous because I had an actual chance with my Bias." She glared at Delilah. "After all I've done for you, you treat me like this? Why can't you see the truth! He's not my bias!" Kaela rolled her eyes, "Are you sure? You just couldn't keep your hands off of him. Just cause you were getting no where with your biases you had to take mine. Hell, even Emily got D.O's number!" I blushed and D.O. cleared his throat. I looked at Delilah, her eyes became shiny, "Wow, you know what? Forget about ruining this movie! I'm going to do it, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" Kaela laughed, "Oh really?" She smirked and grabbed Luhan by the collar. Delilah looked at her with a confused expression and then a light bulb went off. Kaela leaned forward and kissed Luhan on his lips. She laughed once again, "Maybe I'll steal your biases also." She looked ar Sehun. Sehun became scared and hid behind Tao. I watched as a tear dropped down from Delilah's face, "I'm so tired. I'm done. Have your bias, but leave Sehun and Luhan out of this. This is between you and I, not them." Delilah then looked at all us, "I'm sorry you had to see this." She then turned around and walked out the door, she shut the door behind her. Even though she's upset, she keeps her manners in check. I looked at Kaela, "What the heck happened?!" I looked at Luhan who looked dazed as if trying to contemplate what just happened. "She stole my man," Kaela then went into her room and slammed the door. I got up from the chair, "I'll be right back, I need to find out what happened." Sehun then proceeded to stand up, "May I go also?" Idk, Well, maybe she'll be willing to talk to him. I nodded and we left the room and went into the hallway. "Any idea where she'd go?" I nodded, "She usually makes music when she's upset." We walked down the hallway until we heard faint notes being played on a piano. As the closer we got, the louder it got. It's got to be her. Sehun looked at me, "Can I try to tlak to her first?" I gave him a confused expression, Why do you care so much? Whatever Emily, let's just find out what happened. "Sure." I sat down infront of the wall next to the door. Sehun opened the door slowly and walked in. I watched as the door slowly closed behind him. I hope this works. She's still playing, so she hasn't noticed him yet. After I said that to myself, the notes abruptly stopped. Way to jinx it Em.

Sehuns' P.O.V

I walked into the room and saw Ahri playing the piano. It looks like she hasn't spotted me yet. I closed the door quietly behind me. I wonder what happened to make them fight. I listened closely to what she was playing. I know this song! It's the english lyrics of Time by Trouble Maker. I quietly walk up behind her while she's singing.. when the solitary winter comes Time (Time) – I stand on this solitary street that cannot be found Now I try to erase you I long for you and I can’t forget you As I walk the streets alone, in case I run into you I carefully look around me (as I stand in that place) In this place that is filled with our memories of being together I can’t forget you, I keep thinking of you Like a fool, I know that you won’t come back But it was so good back then, Why did I hate you so much back then? I regret – I want to go back to that time I want to go back            I decided to chime in, I walked up to the bench and sat beside her playing some notes to the song Whenever a person who looks like you passes by I think that maybe it’s you (and I secretly stole a glance) In front of the coffee house at the crossroads that we used to go often I lingered alone and waited for you I know well that you won’t ever come back But I can’t forget you - Why did I dislike you so much back then? I regret – I want to love again I want to love Smooth Sehun~ I give props to myself. She cracked a tiny smile and sung with me At some point, I stand alone on this unlighted street You won’t return again, I don’t want to forget you I can’t go on without you "What are you doing here?" She sniffed and ran her fingers across the keyboard lightly. "Well, you looked upset. I was kinda curious on what happened." She looked at the keyboard, "Hana believes I stole her man. I keep telling her that he's not my bias. She already claimed him." I wonder who this guy is, "Any thing else?" She looked at the door, "I didn't want to audition for the female lead role in Somewhere Only We Know but Kris forced me too. I tried to make it a horrible audition but it clearly didn't work." Wait, Kris?! She saw my surprised expression, "Yah, Hana wanted to try out for the lead role and get buddy buddy with Kris." I was leaning toward her to give her a hug but then the door swung open. Ahri and I stood up. I tried to see who it was but Ahri beat me to it. "G?! I haven't seen you in forever!" Ahri ran up to him and gave him a big hug and swung her around, "Hey Lil Miss," He smiled. He then saw me and smiled, "Hey Wolfy." I forced a smile, "Hi G-Dragon, Long time no see." Ahri was still hugging him when music started to play. It sounded like a ringtone Next time that he leave you all alone I’ll give you all the love he denied I’mm about to take his spot Let your man know that Mr. Steal Your Girl is back So let your man know that Mr. Steal Your Girl is back I'm back I blushed, What a coincidence. "Excuse me, I have a call. I won't be long." He gave Ahri another hug before walking towards the other end of the room. Ahri had a big smile on her face. I sighed and kicked at the floor. Great...
ahhhh i cant wait😆😆😆😆 you are sooooo good at writing stories!!!haha poor luhan he was in the line of fire💏
@DawanaMason I hope you feel better, Gnight~
@DawanaMason the PMU chptrs are already written so I could spam them but I like to have a little breathing time in between xD
@DawanaMason I won't know for 2 weeks 😝 and I've already posted like 7 chptrs today 😂 I'm spoiling y'all x3
g made an appearance. what.
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