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Feel free to tag me in your challenge! I'd love to get to know people in the Latin Community (:
*Throwback to Halloween oops
1) What name do you go by: Angie. But, my mom likes to call me Angelica when she's pissed lololol
2) Background: I'm Mexican! I've been in the U.S most of my life though. /.\
3) Favorite Latin Food: I have toooooo many favorites. Latin food is BOMB. But I like "mole." Yum.
4) Favorite music genre: I mostly listen to Korean Pop/Rap. But I like reggaeton too (;
5) Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? I don't think I've ever been compared to anyone. I guess I just don't have.. that face. XD
6) What do you miss most about being a kid? Not having any responsibilities. Not caring about what I looked like the the entire day. Lol
7) When was the last time you were nervous? I'm always a nervous wreck. Lol Mostly meeting new people. I'm not much of a talker so I make things pretty awkward lmao
8) If you can date any Latino/a in the world, who would it be? I've always had a thing for Aaron Diaz but hey, I don't discriminate. Throw any scrumptious man my way . Bahahaha.
..excuse me. I'm sorry >.>
9) Favorite Latin drink: Un jarrito de Tamarindo (: Lol Or agua de Horchata. Delicious.
10) What's your favorite part of the Latino culture? I agree with @alywoah, the food and music ❤︎
I really love your makeup. By the way you're really pretty. :) ...Nervous people unitee! Meeting people makes me slightly uncomfortable...especially when it's a large group people.
@alywoah Thank you! ❤︎ I'm terrible at making friends lmao It takes me so long to come out of my bubble and warm up to people XD
@anexo @alywoah that why I am loving vingle. getting to know new people.