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BTS keeps on keeping on!! with more stage performances and more wins!
Jungkook comes out the best in all my pics! everyone else comes out to blurry so no I'm not biased to him =) my favorite is actually rap monster lol but what a cutie!!
The performance was awesome.. as always of course. I freakinggg loveee this song!
I just want to dance!!!
They keeping on top and winning awards left and right with the song "Run" this video is of them receiving the award. youtube does not yet have a video of the performance at this particular show that I could find so maybe I'll record it next time =D
How can one be so perfect? I don't know!!
They keep killing my emotions! that part when they turn around and puts jacket down... =0
and of course the baby was made to drink this! lol they filled it with two bottles of water!!
ok I had enough lol knocked my glasses right off! cant even see anymore. hope you guys enjoyed!
Oh im thirsty alright.... FOR THEIR JAWLINE- •_•
They are killing it!!!
@KokoroNoTakara !!right! I'm happy for them.
They are
@Ticasensei @ArielaPicazo BTS is going to go far...
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