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The King 2 Hearts Ep 20 - LIVE recap + screenshots - Part 3
---------------------------------------------------------- Finally Hang Ah met with Jae Ha again. But this conversation was recorded by CCTV and Hang Ah's father and the official were listening that conversation. Jae Ha mentioned to Hang Ah that US will attack North. If US does attack North, North will die. If North attack South, South will die. All of them will die. Why do they have to fight with each other? Why not finding other peaceful way to stop the war, such as holding the wedding for them. (i think he's right). hahaha. The chief said, "OK, I will think about it." Suddenly Jae Ha pressed the alarm and the troops came, pointing gun at Hang Ah. North troops suddenly came in and they are now pointing guns to each other. Jae Ha forced the chief to decide their marriage, otherwise, it will be a war for north and south. He asked the north troops to shoot his head. He said, I will die anyway, so just kill me now. Suddenly Hang Ah took the gun and point the gun at Jae Ha. SHe said, if she kill him, the troops will kill her, and they go together. The chief who was frightened, finally agreed to the wedding! They hugged each other! ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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