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I promised to keep you guys up to date.. This is my newest edition to the anime sleeve I'm workin. The picture is kind of crap cuz I just got it and it's scabbing and healing... But, here ya go. I'm making progress!!! (:
Must be really fresh I can still see the ink that was wiped away after the fill! Taken right after it was finished. Gnarly tho! Love FMA!!
Btw you were very smart in outlining all your anime works, I messed up and clippers some but accidently shaded 2 bc I liked the shade look now my right arm is a blunder haha. Super jealous of your OP tat tho my fav anime n I still don't have one. Luffys scar chest is my next with RIP ace below it. Keep up the beautiful anime work NAKAMA!! Proud of the support
I want one馃様馃槢
I see luffys feet!!! Awesome mutation symbol. Or should I say the emblem to the show! I have the Elric brothers tatted onto my arm along with the rest of my anime family!! Love this!!
Why can't I find someone who is into anime hardcore like you 馃槏haha guess it's equivalent exchange I take anime and give up love hahaha
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