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I promised to keep you guys up to date.. This is my newest edition to the anime sleeve I'm workin. The picture is kind of crap cuz I just got it and it's scabbing and healing... But, here ya go. I'm making progress!!! (:
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Must be really fresh I can still see the ink that was wiped away after the fill! Taken right after it was finished. Gnarly tho! Love FMA!!
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I want one馃様馃槢
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Why can't I find someone who is into anime hardcore like you 馃槏haha guess it's equivalent exchange I take anime and give up love hahaha
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Btw you were very smart in outlining all your anime works, I messed up and clippers some but accidently shaded 2 bc I liked the shade look now my right arm is a blunder haha. Super jealous of your OP tat tho my fav anime n I still don't have one. Luffys scar chest is my next with RIP ace below it. Keep up the beautiful anime work NAKAMA!! Proud of the support
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Sorry if this is wierd but I swear I know you somehow somewhere someway. Haha. Anyways gnarly meeting "this you" sweet tats and keep name alive. Anime is life!!
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