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OMG.....have u ever been asked out or someone had a crush on you? I have...and it's weirdest feeling cause I just always think of anime hopefully he/she aren't yandere....lol jk,but I been asked out 2 times but I said no..not because I didn't think he was good looking..it was because I didn't want to have to be waste time no doing my work and because of course my parents...but yeah..

Have you ever been asked out or someone had a crush on you? Comment bellow 馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞

I have asked out all the guys I liked.... I am pretty straight forward
I'm to scared to approach my crushes and asked them out...馃槚
Wow.. You should of act like a Pizza Hut employee so he would think that you really didn't give him your number..lol @btsgotshinee
The one guy that asked for my number didn't text me for 2 years! And then one day he calls like oh hey it's me do you remember?
I did the worst thing: I typed up a note and handed it to him and literally ran away yelling at my friend because she was encouraging me to do it because I wasn't going to but I did and it was an actual anime moment and it SUCKED. The jerk never responded but idc I'm over him 馃槀 it's nice to say I've finally told someone... Just a shitty way to do it... Uh oh, this didn't answer the question at all... Well the note did say like if you like me we should talk about it... Does that count? 馃槚 idk..
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