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During the holidays people are just not themselves. Either they are over jolly or they are on a rampage (Black Friday). I was talking to my wifey in Australia and explaining how crazy Black Friday gets. People seriously kill each other for sales and it's sad. Being the responsible BFF wifey, I did send her a You Tube Video and I told her her and I will not be shopping that day if she comes up... We agreed that when we do travel to each other's countries the motive is free drinks. Her with that accent and cute over here. And me and my accent (I know right) and extra madness everywhere! Anyway she will get her own post. Lol... Carrying on... We shall. Editor's note : I do respect and understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas and other days also I know some of us have different traditions along with different days. I understand, this is all in good fun for us all. I do not wish to offend or make anyone uncomfortable. Please feel free to chat with me if something in my card upsets you. My DM is an open door. L A Von York ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ We can bring joy to ourselves looking at the things people do to stay in the spirit.. Party like holiday Rockstar ... Send out holiday nono cards.. Any many more... So grab your eggnog and a friend and let's get this Wait What holiday party rolling! I have no friends.. ::cries:: ::drinks Coquito ::
12 things of Holiday Madness Christmas gifts... The wrong gifts.... The funny gifts... And you where too :naughty word: stupid and lack common sense gifts. Being thoughful was not in these gifts prerogative. Maybe it can be considered a GAG gift. However no gift can be better then a gift. We try to spread cheer and all we get are jeers... Thumbs down ⬇
Christmas Hair Styles. Some people want to show their spirit more than others but you have to ask yourself sometimes .."Wait...What???" am I doing too much ...???? Somebody take the wheel because we are going to see some bad decisions . Sip the egg nogg folks. The Hairstylist said it was the new trend!... Thumbs down ⬇
Christmas lights are a big thing around the holiday season. some people enter competitions to win money. Also some people decorate their houses just because they like holiday lights and they are truly in the holiday spirit. Then you have the few that just don't care and with wait what that is our focus. Hold on to your egg knowledge here we go again.
The Ugly Christmas sweater used to be a thing that grandmothers would wear during the holidays and you would say that so ugly sweater to yourself. Fast forwarding we have ugly sweater parties, parties are you laugh and express your creativity through the design of your sweater. However there are a few that do take it very far and those are the few that gives wait what the extra holiday cheer. More Egg nogg folks.. And Carlton, rock on..ROCK ON! (don't tell me you did not hear the music when you saw that gift!, I know I did)
Sometimes you are better off buying the Christmas tree air freshener instead of trying to create and decorate your own Christmas tree theme. I want you if you do not know how to decorate a Christmas tree do not have guests over because most likely if its ugly they will take a picture of it and it will definitely end up online and somehow or some way it will end up and wait what. Yup, let's get that air freshener Christmas tree , let's be safe. Or better none at all!!
This is just part one of Wait... What the Christmas addition! I will be working on the other cards! Vingle does have a cut off on the amount of photos used in a card lol. Merry Holiday daze! L A Von York @danidee @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh @nobankai @buddyesd @MichaelOgg @SamTheMallow @VinMcCarthy And of course the rest of The Vingle community! Follow Wait what the collection and if you make a wait what card feel free to tag me @lavonyork
@shannonl5 I know people who would just go out for a drive and stop by people's houses just to look at their lights... Kinda creepy.. Especially when they are on the property and trying to figure out wattage! I know strange people... I think they use to sniff white out 😂😂
Ohgosh. the creepy baby tree is going to haunt me for a while.. XD Ugly Christmas sweaters though, I'm all for that weirdness.
I was laughing at the in laws buying the grave plot
@danidee lol you are a brave soul 😂😂
THAT HAIRSTYLE WITH THE BRAIDS THOUGH. I feel like that's something I'd do after one too many Vodka Red Bulls.
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