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The pictures in this clip is what I call special love, that love that everyone feels and craves at the first amazing feeling that appreciate with everything you do. true love. Everyone knows that heartbreak is always possible but what really matter is how much you let it effect you. in that moment that you suffer depression and don't want to talk because it seems impossible. You are so much stronger then you know, I just got out of what I call a "Lost" phase in my life. 5 years ago I graduated and wanted to move back to my own home town to just find out jobs were impossible to get there and I lived on couch to couch for 5 years having an amazing child in the process. I'm finally with a good man and got my own place and I struggled emotionally as a single mother moving all the time with child. don't give up because the longer you fight the sooner you'll win.
this did get me, it would cure my anger just like that lol
If someone says they want to be friends it might mean that they just for our of a long and painful relationship and is scared to give that chance again. make them feel comfortable and worth getting to know
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ohh how awesome @Dragon0fTime I don't have kids, but I definitely want them someday <3
is a lot of work but we'll worth. out
That's what my parents say too @Dragon0fTime, they are such a big inspiration to me
love it