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I do not know how to deal with that
I think cards actually tend to get reported for being posted in irrelevant communities. For example, if the card was like this one, it doesn't really belong in the Learn Japanese community, if that helps
I don't know what your card was but it has to be kept pg-13
I think what @OtakuDemon10 and @Thatperson512 said makes sense. It's important to think about who you're sharing with when you publish cards. A lot of communities (I know anime is one of them) are trying to be kid friendly
@Alletaire @SAMURXAI I have been, watching my post. but grammar is dependent on my mood of the day I try to trow emotions in to it not just words. most of my post are direct thoughts
they also want buffer images warning mature content. you probably just posted something some mom saw on her 12yr Olds feed and she thought it was in bad taste. just watch what you post, follow the rules they have and it'll be okay!
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