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So I have no idea who created these, but they are amazing...
By adding all these pictures from the Dragon Ball series together to create bigger pictures of characters from the series is pure genius and hella time consuming.
But my thanks to whomever made these, because your time and energy has been well spent.
If anyone has any information on who created these, please comment so we can all give credit where it's due. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do. ^_^
THAT'S SO COOL. It basically looks like a picture in static, that's how good of a job was done here.
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Given a large enough databank of images to choose from, it would be rather simple for an image to be converted into one of these with the right software. That being said, these are definitely awesome!
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Wish I had software like that. haha
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That's what pirating is for @nberry1620
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