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Whatever he does make my heart leap! ahhh! Beautiful! Beautiful face! Beautiful voice! Beautiful on the inside! Beautiful man!
This guy! THIS guy! This GUY! Let me tell you! He is a cutie pie! He is nice! He can be sexy! When he talks English it just gives me LIFE! He is hard working! He is just all around that dream guy you imagine staying in a nice house with kids and living a simple life. Which is what I've always dreamed of!
I feel sad that when I got to see them live I didn't love youngjae at the time! I watched some fancams from that fan meet concert thing and he looked like he was having so much fun! ugh! Like my sister said! I guess we'll just have to go see them again! lol
When I heard he got hit with those firework omg! I was so worried! LUCKILY! This precious cinnamon roll was okay! Stay safe YoungJae!
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YAAAAASSSS!!! He is bae.