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Merry Christmas everyone. I enjoy the classic Christmas songs like everyone else. But this time of year I also enjoy the weird, naughtu, and funny Christmas jams. I thought I share some below.
Dominic the Donkey this song always makes me laugh.
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Probably my absolute favorite. Still waiting...any takers to gift me a hippo
Grandma Got ran Over by a Reindeer... Really wish my grandma did....
Santa Claus is watching you I love Ray Stevens.
I've got a bone for Christmas quite catchy and inappropriate but somehow I love it.
Adam Sandler the Christmas song and the Hanukkah Song... no list is complete without him
Well what are some that you all like? @danidee @VinMcCarthy @inplainsight @ButterflyBlu @shannonl5
@ButterflyBlu @danidee well u happen to be Italian and just love it and every year at work this time of year we have the Christmas station piped through the building and I hear it. I sing it too.
@danidee it's a blessed place to be, Sister! 💜
@ButterflyBlu Yessssssss, I am so honored to be joining your Donkey Dance circle.
@danidee YESSSSS!!! *pounce hug* My circle grows!
LMAO DOMINIC THE DONKEY. Omg, it's been such a long time since I heard it. Back in New Jersey, it would randomly come on the radio during the holiday season. Because, you know, high concentrations of Italian going on over there lol.
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