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I don't know about you but I've been obsessing with Dean. The man is gorgeous and his music is heavenly. I thought I'd share some songs he's done and/or been featured in // ❤︎. [image source]

DΞΔN x Dok2 // I Love It

This song is straight F I R E!

DΞΔN x Zico //Pour Up

Dean AND Zico? Yes, please. His collabs have been on point I can't wait to see who's next

DΞΔN x Bellringer // I'm Not Sorry

This song is actually new to me but Dean is making me biased so naturally I love it already ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)˚๐*˟ ♡

DΞΔN X Anderson . Paak // Put My Hands On You

Trippy mv tbh lol

DΞΔN X Mila J // Here Now

Dynamic Duo ft. DΞΔN // 요즘어때?

DΞΔN // Foreign (Korean Cover)

I fucking love this song. I didn't even know the original before hearing this. Lol The original is by Trey Songz btw (;
Tell me which was your favorite! // ❤︎
Yaaas! DEAN is the bae 😍😍 Put my hands on you and I'm not sorry are the jams! I hope he comes out with an album soon cause I need his heavenly voice in my life !! ✋💘
@nerdy3000 Same! Can't get enough ❤︎
Omg my hands on you and pour up are my jams
I love Dean!
@reyestiny93 Pour Up and I love It are mine. I have been playing them nonstop lol