I'd like to start off by saying hi! I've just started using Vingle for a couple of days now, and I am really impressed with the friendly community/environment it has. I've commented on some cards already, and I've finally mustered up the courage to actually make a card of my own. Actually, it makes me a bit nervous because I know that Vingle is community based rather than follow based like other SNS: twitter and tumblr (if that makes sense). but yeah. Hi everyone! I want to connect to others in the Kpop community, so I hope you don't mind answering some questions! ^^ 1) What would you prefer I call you? 2) Any preferred pronouns? 3) Who is your ultimate bias and why? 4) What are your top 3 favorite groups? 5) What is something (besides Kpop) that makes you happy?
1) You can call me Nari or Nolly 2) I prefer 'she/her/hers' 3) I don't really have an ultimate bias LOL sorry, but my bias list is a bit complicated right now.. 4) Royal Pirates, BTS, SISTAR 5) I really enjoy writing and graphic design, and at the moment, they are the things that are making me the happiest (aside from Min Yoongi because I asked things beside Kpop lol I have to follow my own rules too) Thank you so much for your time
@torchix ahhhhh Min Yoongi is great haha. and I know ugh Tae and Hobi are trying to take my attention away from my Suga. That is so cool that your enlisting! I wish you the best of luck! I'm not really sure what I want to do next year.. and thank youuuuuuu! I hope to talk to you more!
1) Arii is fine 2) She but my friends that know me the best occasionally refer to me as "that thing" 3) Usually it's Min Yoongi but recently Jung Hoseok has been messing it up with his nonsense 4) BTS, Red Velvet, and BigBang 5) Video games. I'm a HUGE game player and I've been recently thinking about starting a regular stream, but that may have to wait until I finish my enlistment (I start my US Air Force enlistment in March of next year, so I'll be gone for quite a while) Also welcome, I literally formally joined the community like a week ago and was welcomed with open arms. I already love it here. I'm sure you'll have fun too! 馃
i do but like i said I'm not good lol
Welcome to vingle! I prefer she/her/hers. My ultimate bias is Jin from BTS, but V is currently wreaking it. My three favorite groups are BTS, Infinite and Ailee. Besides kpop I enjoy drawing but I'm not good at it!
@suenaripop I understand, I don't draw that much anymore also because of school
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