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Here is chapter 2! This is Taehyung's view of the scene from chapter 1. We will learn a little about him. It isn't too long because I'm kind of picky and try really hard to make it as good as possible so I have to put it out in small parts because otherwise it'd be a super long wait! I hope you like it! ^_^ Chapter: One, Three, Four, Five, Six

Welcomed Change

“I wonder what Mom packed me for lunch. Oh, wait, no! Ugh, I forgot it at home! I really need to start remembering to grab my lunch in the morning. Good thing Mom puts some money in my backpack in case I forget. Well then, I wonder what they’ll have for lunch at school.” “Maybe I should stop talking to myself one of these days. The kids at school will start to think I’m weird pretty soon… well, weirder... It’s kinda cold this morning, it makes me miss summer break.” I’m here, walking up to the same building as every other day. Same bricks, same sidewalk, same kids that are tired of me. I’m pretty sure that’s the exact rock I was kicking on the way to school yesterday, “Good morning Mr. Rock, I’ll kick you on the way back home later so don’t go running off anywhere.” I’m okay with the usual same-old, same-old things; but it does get a little boring, a little lonely. Sometimes it’d be fun to have something change or have an adventure. There’s an idea! It’s fall, so I can go watch the leaves change before class! That could be interesting. As I’m walking through the school yard I can’t help but mumble as I feel their eyes on me, “I’m so sick of the way they all look at me. Like I’m from another planet; like I don’t belong here. I do belong. I am like everyone else. Every day they stare and whisper, stare and whisper. I hate it...” STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF TAEHYUNG! There I managed to yell at myself inside my head and not out loud. It can get better, it needs to get better. As I’m walking over to a tree I see a girl already underneath it. She doesn’t look familiar, her hair is super curly and light brown, and I’d remember that. I wonder if she is cold or something, she’s just sitting there hugging her knees. I’ll ask her, maybe she’ll want to watch the leaves change with me. I’m surprised she didn’t notice me sitting down right next to her, I’ll just have to poke her to get her attention. That did it, she should see I’m here now. Whoa! She is definitely new, I’ve never seen a girl here with green eyes! Oh, but she’s crying. Even though she’s wiping them away there are still tear stains on her cheeks. “You look new. What’s wrong?” …Why the heck isn’t she answering? She looks confused, guess I could talk slower. “You look new. What’s wrong?” “Yes I am new. I am sad and scared to be new. I am sorry. I do not know many words.” Wow, she sounds strange. She couldn’t possibly be from here. “You talk funny.” It’s the truth; but ah, she’s about to cry again! “But that’s okay, as long as you’re nice everything will be fine!” Whew, that was a close one, I don’t want to make a girl cry. “Much thank you. Penelope is my name.” Oh man, it’s hard enough to understand what she says, but that’s a name?! “If it is more easy to call me Nel then you can.” Thank goodness. “Yes, that's much easier. I'm Kim Taehyung, and don’t worry because I’ll help you make lots of friends! I really hope you’re in my class Nel.” It’d be nice to have her in class, it’d be a fun change, a new person. She’s finally smiling so she must be okay now. Time for us to leave then. As I stand up I hold out my hand to her, “Let’s go in the school since it’s a little chilly. We have time so if you tell me who your teacher is, I’ll show you where your classroom’ll be.” I hope I can help her feel better; it’s hard to be alone that’s for sure. I know I said I’d help her make friends, but I don’t know how I’ll do that when I can barely make friends for myself.
Chapter 3 will come soon. It'll be about a blossoming friendship! Thanks for reading and let me know how it was!
I like how you get to see Taehyung's point of view because before I thought he was confident and was just approaching her to help her but now I see he has his own problems to deal with. Keep up the good work and thanks for the tag.
wow, this is really good. I really like how you see his P.O.V and that he has problems as well. really, I enjoyed reading this. please tag me in the next one (:
@Valerie816 Thanks and I will ^_^
this is soooo cuuuttteeeee. I love it
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