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I saw another post like this, and was sad I live on the other side of the country....but I want to create a girl group I'm going to be taking dance lessons, and music lessons through 2016.. I don't have friends here in California, so it's impossible to create a girl group almost So, I thought of the post I saw, and Vingle people If any girls in California are up to make a girl group, please feel free to comment on this I really want to make a girl group I love music, singing, and dancing so it would be a dream come true to create a girl group Btw I am from SoCal! Now enjoy some Suga ❤️
@reyestiny93 That is quite far :( my sister use to live there, the road trip was about 7 hours @DezRico Maybe sometime next year we can meet up then? :3 And see if @Courtney96 is able to join? :3 There is two people so far of range to be able to do this I wish I could pick all of you guys up and create a girl group, but a huge road trip or plane tickets is out of budget :( @ninjamidori If only you were close or I was! I would say distance doesn't matter, but money is a bit of an issue :( @GenesisZiporrah Thank you! And I'm sure you have more talents that you still have yet to discover :3 You can also try something different than drawing, and see if you like it! If you like it then keep doing it! Never give up, or limit yourself X)
I would, but I'm not in California!! Haha.
cries because I'm in Texas and this would be really cool
unfortunately my only talent is drawing and i live all the way on the other side of america lol but i hope you find people~ have fun
@evieern I'd like to do it! I live in San Diego
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