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Fandom do cross at times. Yes yes yes. In the right corner is one of my loves Klaus, he can turn me into a hybrid and I won't be mad at him all lol. There is no Fandom community for him, however if you watched Supernatural on CW you might have ran into Klaus on The Vampire Diaries or his own spin off The Originals, that took some of the alumni from The Vampire Diaries with him (Klaus) to New Orleans, the town he made. (loosely based)
Klaus is smooth, rude and crude. He knows what he wants and usually gets it. And I am not talking about his ability to glamor people either. Now here is the kicker kick
I'm letting loose Castel out of the supernatural Fandom and bring him into Klaus' life. What If... Now I'm asking you Klaus and family are vampires.. The first vampires.... What would our lovely Cas do in that Universe?
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@texarose87 welcome to the random and Fandom life of Vingle! It's a pleasure to meet you! If you have and questions, comments or ideas supernatural and other Fandoms (yes I like to do Fandom crossing lol) DM me, I am friendly... My crass (I love that word @shannonl5) behavior is in the Marvel Community with Deadpool and @shannonl5 😂😂
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@LAVONYORK lol and we love it @TiffanyWallace it's killing me how long the wait has been between seasons of the 100!!!
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I know! @shannonl5 seriously! I am so ansy waiting for it to start
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@TiffanyWallace poor Bellamy!! T_T Also is Clarke with Lexa now? Hmmmmmmmmmmm
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@shannonl5 I know! I loved Bellamy. I used to hate him, but I love him now. And I don't know about Lexa and Clark because Lexa betrayed her.
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