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Hi again kiddos! Second card and it's a doozie! I thought I was the only Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt fan, but I was wroooong. Anyway, I also know that some folks won't give this show the time of day because it doesn't have the same look of most anime out there. It also has the handicap of not being "family friendly". Not to sugar coat it...this show is South Park dirty! But that's why I love it!! it's DIRTY! FUNNY! and not to mention: Super Sexy!
Let's begin with the elephant in the room: Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt does not look like your typical anime. The style is more on par with American Style cartoons (FYI, Japanese people call all animation anime...so meh!). But! it's perfect that way! There are multiple animation styles in this anime, like the guys over at Gainax said "OK team! we want you to play with the animation on this thing. Oh, and if you can make the otaku mad...The Great Ano smiles upon you." *ahem* sorry otaku kids, but Gainax doesn't like you *ahem* I love it! The animation was distracting at first, but that only gets overshadowed by the plot...speaking of:
The story! Ok, so the plot is that Panty and Stocking are sisters from Heaven who were kicked out because they indulge in their vices waaay too much! Panty is Lustful, and Stocking is Glutinous. To get back into heaven, they have to collect soul tokens...and buy their way into heaven. *The irony is not lost* And how do they get Soul Tokens? Why they kill the crap out of monsters!!!!! well...ghosts, but they appear as monsters. And all of these guys are different. They range from being the embodiment of a town's worth of poop, to a horde of zombies! Alot of them even contour to a certain fetish, like bondage or nose play. *not that I know anything about that*
That's mostly what you need to know! if you like the sound of this check it out! I certainly love this show and wish more people would fan over it. It certainly won't corrupt your fragile little mind. *It totally will...but you'll be better for it*
@HeatherWright FUCK YEAH THIS IS AN AMAZING ANIME I am actually rewatching it again I love it when it sub Stocking:You MotherFucker Panty:OH YEAH!YOU FATHERFUCKER!!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
@DaiGakuSei thanks! I thought that looked wrong, but I wasn't sure.
*gluttonous, not glutinous. Glutinous is applied to things that contain gluten. like your bread.