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Live recap ENDED I just wanna see the little crown prince asap >__< . Maybe he will be named after Shi Kyung :((( . Let's give it our best today!!!! What drama should I do live recap for next??? Taking votes now so let me know what you want :D ------------------------------------------------------- Refresh this card for live update. I will update this card every 1-2 minutes. If you like this recap, please spread the words and like + comment below~~~ <b>Legend</b> Jae Ha (Dimple King :X): JH Hang Ah (Queen of Action): HA Jae Shin (Our Princess-nim): JS Shi Kyung (Knight in Shining Armor): SK Kyu Tae (Secretary/Evil Ajusshi): KT Queen Dowager: QD Bong Goo (Creepy Psychotic Freak): BG ----------------------------------------------------------- WOC guy tells JH they're at war with NK now. HA's dad tell her what happens. HA doesn't want to go but she's being dragged by the NK guys. Her dad let out a shout, she got quiet. He told her about their situation. It's not like they have any choice. JH talked to the president. He's upset that he just decides everything on his own without his approval. He makes a call. HA's dad says let's go back together. HA cries. Her phone rings, it's JH. Her dad tells her not to pick up. She refuses. But still hasn't picked up the phone. JH is anxious, the phone keeps ringing. HA doesn't know what she should do and still talking to her dad. She finally decides to pick up the phone and says, your highness. JH said, HA, where are you now. He told her something about NK's decision, she turned around and asks her dad for confirmation. JH wants her to go back, but HA said she will leave and go back to NK. She says she must go for various reasons. She says this while tears are falling like waterfall on her face but she's still calm and composed. It seems she's resolved with her decision. In the end she told him she loves him (with polite speech) and hangs up. JH cries too, standing straight in the hall way. I like his standing figure. HA cries a little bit but got her chins up and stops crying. She then turned around and walk through the custom with dignity. JH also stops crying and looks up, eyes full of determination and start walking. BG is in his room and in his pj and got a call from Calton, it's the glasses guy who talked to JH b4. He said it's done, US will launch an attack at NK at certain time. BG let out a laugh. JH got a call from BG and asks who it is. BG said you forgot my voice already. BG tells him there will be an attack in NK. JH checked his email and see an email that says Morning Calm from US govt. It says the attack will be on 5/24/12 at 0:00 (not sure about the time but the date is right). JH is shocked but still calm. BG snickers and hangs up. JH made a call to KT. JH tells him US will attack NK. KT comes to JH office and they talk about how to stop the attack. KT asks what JH plans to do. JH is quiet and says they will…help NK? Next as the news reporter making the report, royal guards are getting equipped with heavy guns, there are even helicopters. JH is still (?) talking to KT in his office. HA is now in the big wig guy office, dressed in NK soldier uniform. She got a serious face on as the man talks about SK. She said something and displease the guy, he yelled at her. Of course she's not scared of him. She also raises her voice at him. He told her some shocking news and she's shocked. JH is watching NK news from his office and KT came in to give a report. After KT leaves, JH is writing a proposal on his laptop, perhaps a request to stop the attack to US. He remembers the time he spent during the WOC with HA and the time when he lies down on her lap and then starts writing again. HA is at her house talking to her dad. Her dad's hair seems to get whiter. He takes out a book and give her some checks(?). The way he scolds her is so funny. Is that NK's accent lol? They talk too much T_T. Then he suddenly says something shocking and HA's eyes got big. It seems NK is planning doing something outrageous. KT got a phone call from the president telling him NK plans to give full attack and declare war. The SK head army guy who was present in WOC talks to JH. It seems there are things even a King cannot control. JH is sitting in his room remembers what his brother said, what SK said when he was dying, what HA said and what BG said. HA is in her room thinking about what JH said as well about SK and NK and what king Jae Kang wishes at their engagement wedding. A door bell rings, HA openes the door and a man delivers her a red box. She's about to say something more and the guy closes the door and disappears. She opens it and it's a set of perfume, the brand that JH gave her. She smiles then senses sth and takes out the content. Beneath it was the Morning Calm declaration of US' attack. She came to talk to the big wig guy and suggests something but he laughs it off. She said she understood and stood up, turned around to leave then stops and said something which makes him stop her as she turned around to leave. Then he seems to agree to let her do what she wants. He throws a red file with NK's crest on it. Seems like it's some sort of agreement between Sk and NK. She took the agreement and tears it up in front of the guy. The guy was lightly shocked. They started arguing and yelling. The guy said if she can't succeed then he will take the matter in his hands. HA stood up and said she's not her dad. She wont waver by his threat. Then she leaves. JH is going somewhere. I miss seeing SK by his side :((. The guy outside told him he only got 10 mins. He went inside. There's a camera recording. On the table there's a red button. He sits down in a chair next to SK's flag. HA is on the phone with her dad apologizing. Her dad says its ok and smiles. It seems he's more understanding that we thought. He hangs up. The NK mean guy is watching the surveillance with HA's dad in his office. HA walks to the room to meet JH. JH stands up right away and is glad to see HA, he said HA ah. HA shows almost no emotion. She holds out her hand and says, nice to meet you. JH notices there's a device on HA's earring and looks up at the camera. He shakes her hand and she went to sit down in the seat leaving JH standing with his hand still holding out. HA starts talking but JH gives no response. The NK guy is giving her direction about what to ask and says. JH tells her about the camera which makes the NK guy shocked. He then mentions about the attack on 5/24. The NK guy is shocked. HA's dad takes out the Morning Calm Operation file and gives it to him. He looks at it in shock. HA got upset and JH but JH is calm and answering with smiles and all. The NK guy is pissed and tells HA to say something. JH starts talking to him directly by looking at the camera. He takes out a blue box and there's a phone inside and makes a call. JH picks up the call and yells at him. He talks about the people of 2 countries I think. NK guy said what about the US. JH starts explaining what they should do. NK guy seems to understand somehow. HA's dad is also trying to help and persuade the guy. HA is looking at JH worried. JH is still holding the phone but he presses the red button. The alarm went off outside and the guards rush in pointing guns at each other. JH declares something which makes everyone shocked. He says if they shoot him now then its war. JH calls the WOC NK guy by his name whose gun is lightly shaking. He tells him he should shoot right here pinging to his forehead, between his eyebrows. It seems they're waiting for something. JH picks up the phone calling the NK guy. He picks up. WOC NK guy is stuttering. HA holds the guy's gun and takes it. She points it at JH and the SK guards are now pointing their guns at her. JH doesn't look shocked. She said she will go with him. She's shaking a little bit and when she's about to shoot, the NK guy makes his decision and everyone stops. JH says of course with a smile. HA holds her other hand that's been holding the gun and lowers it. JH stands up and hugs her. They both sighs in relief and so does everyone else. BG is watching the NK news report giving the good news about the attack being stopped. He called the guy who said JH persuades them NK with his life and said that they getting married that day at DMZ(?). The guy said he doesn't care anymore since he's about to lose his job for this and hangs up. JH arrives at some place with KT. The reporters are taking the photos but some US soldiers came to tell JH they are in difficult situation. JH tells the driver to go ahead. The US soldiers tell the guards not to move but as the car comes near they move the barriers and salute JH. He smiles. HA is wearing a hanbok and getting make-up. Her dad is with her and everyone is in a good mood. Her dad is happy and touches her hanbok knot. She stands up and holds out her arms wide open, saying dad~ . They hug and she says I'm sorry but her dad encourages her. he turns around looking at the window and wiping his tears secretly. JH is waiting outside, dressed in his formal red royal king outfit reading an email from US who congratulates their wedding and says that the marriage will contribute to the peace of 2 countries. HA came out in her beautiful hanbok. He holds out his hand and smiles at her. They both smile. They walk over the yellow border and bows to everyone applauding. He picks up and carries HA in princess style and turns around (ok you can start having your hopes up for wedding night now~~~). BG is in prisoner's uniform and being judged in front of the US jury for all the crimes he committed. They sentenced him to life imprisonment. JH came to visit him. He stands outside the prison talking to BG. BG of course doesn't show any remorse and still talking like he's gonna get out and take revenge eventually. JH said, I, we will fight for it (?). He thanks them for making them unite together (i think). BG yells at him as JH leaves. 4 years later. JH is at an event. He shakes hands with the guy, everyone applauds and a guard comes to tell him they got some NK soldiers (?) He came to meet 3 new NK guys. They said his name and he introduces himself as the King. JH is now with the WOC gang. JS is sitting on the wall where she saw the shooting star with SK. She just got off the phone. She complains that there's no shooting star. She starts talking to the bird SK gave her that's sitting next to her. She wonders what she should wish. Then SK is sitting next to her and they start talking. Then after awhile we see her sitting in the wheelchair looking at the wall, she turns and says to the bird and says let's go with a smile. HA's dad is having looking at the photo of his grandson. Then the kid starts saying grandpa to him, I guess they are doing webcam. HA's dad is supper happy. HA is at KEB event, it's a new branch opening. JH is late. He came running trying to wear his gloves. They cut the line then the kid comes running to JH and says Dad~~. JH laughs and holds him up. The kid slipped out something but HA quickly covered his mouth while others look confused. The family is in the living room talking. It seems the kid learned some weird dialect from HA. After QD left, JH laughs out loud. JH got a call from KT. They talked a little bit. KT seems proud that JH became a king he should be. Then there's another event. JH and HA are standing together behind the door. She's wearing a black dress. The door opens and they are showered with light. JH says, are you ready (I think). HA says yes. They hold hands and JH says let's go and they start walking to the conference room. END Now is BTS of the drama. Still sad for SK :(((( . The drama officially ends with the scene JH kissed HA at the engagement.
Awesome... :") i love K2H... :") Happy Ending... :D
asu k lindo
I also vote for QIHM as the next drama to recap! :)
Fuck that. **Sorry can't stop cursing right now** If JaeShin is going to be the lone one on an island then give her some awards for her acting then.
somehow SK dying reminds me of "MoonSun"'s Jung Il Woo's character that died at the end as well. @UwithouttheLUV: yea the most crule part is she had to imagine SK sitting next to her and talking to her. Now I still feel sad when I think about that scene. I think it's made up for 80% of the disappointment with the ending T_T @satsuki92: *sigh* you said it so well i find no word to reply lol
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