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I'm a day behind on this, I know, I know.

December 16th: What gifts would you like to give your favorite idol(s) for Christmas?

G-Dragon: I would give this handsome boy a super adorable teddy bear, because he takes the cutest pictures with them. I'd also give him a really cool ring. It would take a long and thorough search to find the right one, but I'd find it.
Taeyang: I would give him my favorite book The Mermaids Singing by Lisa Carey. I think he'd enjoy it.
Seungri: He's totally getting panda pajamas.
TOP: Well, clearly he's getting some furniture and some art. I might even paint something for him myself.
Daesung: This boy is also getting some pajamas, probably bunny ones. Then he and Seungri can be the most adorable pajama twins ever!
Things I would give all five members: Socks, they are important. No one can ever have too many pairs of socks. I'd probably give them all BIGBANG socks but not their own. TOP would open Daesung socks and scratch his head. GD would get Seungri socks, etc... I'd also give them each a batch of my homemade M&M bars and lemon cookies. Also, we have a tradition in my family where we give each other homemade Christmas ornaments. My sister started it in 1996. She makes amazing ornaments. My mom joined in two years ago. And this is my first year doing it. I'm using nail polish to color clear, glass bulbs from the inside. Each one has multiple colors and some glitter. I would give one to each member and use their favorite colors.
What would you give your idols for Christmas?