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A team of doctors in Spain became medical pioneers after performing neurosurgery on 27-year-old Carlos Aguilera while he remained conscious and playing his saxophone.

Carlos was undergoing surgery to have a brain tumor removed, and as a diehard musician, the medical team didn't want him to have to lose his ability to play his saxophone any time soon. His neurosurgeon, Dr. Guillermo Ibáñez of the Regional Hospital of Málaga, insisted that playing the instrument mid-surgery would help the team keep the part of the brain that deals with music language unharmed during the tumor removal.
According to the BBC, the patient performed a number of jazz standards for a team of sixteen medical professionals - during a surgery that lasted OVER 12 HOURS! After the surgery proved to be a success and Carlos had properly recovered, both he and his doctor participated in a press conference, where he explained how it felt to be the first patient in such an experimental surgery:

"Music is what has accompanied me half a lifetime, so when the doctors told me I could do that, I did not think twice."

A recording of the surgery has been made available to the Associated Press, so if you haven't hit your quota of extremely strange YouTube videos yet this week, the following clip is for you. (WARNING: It's definitely an uncensored surgery video, so proceed with caution.)

So what do you guys think? Would you have been brave enough to pull this off?

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I watch too much House to be surprised of anything during surgeries lol But props to the doc!
That's insane! 😲 I'm happy the doctors went the extra mile to make sure he didn't lose his musical ability. That's really touching. 😊
I watched House too @aabxo and I saw this card and thought... wow! this looks like it's an episode of house! lol
I've heard of brain surgery patients being kept awake before but usually they're just talking. This is amazing!
I came across that yesterday but didn't watch the vid. Pretty amazing n i didn't know the brain was tiny n cute
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