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So everyone, I got another question for you!

Which group do you wish you could spend your Christmas with? What would you do?

Since I've already written cards about what I'd like to do with VIXX, I decided to write about what I'd want to do with BTS this time!!!

First, we'd get ourselves ready for the day with a dance party!

Then we'll play some music together :)

For dinner, we're all going to get dressed up & have a really fancy meal.

And we'd take a ton of selfies all day to make sure we don't forget our time together!

Mostly, though, we'd just make sure to spend the day laughing & having a good time!

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I pick bts the only group I love to death and I would wake up next to suga and we open presents and eat homemade food and go see lights I am under mistletoe with v and we kiss XD and we all end with a Christmas movie and all sleep together on the couch yes!!