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Look who has a new look!

It looks like Emma Watson got tired of her chopped her so she has decided to get hair extensions. I must say that I always did like her like this better because with shorter her she looks a bit too boyish. This shot was taken on the set of her new movie, the Bling Ring, which is a true life story about a group of teenagers who raided celebrities homes. source:
i think long hair looks better on her
I miss her long hair...She looks so good here :)
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Proof That Emma Watson Is The Most Perfect Starlet Role Model
We all know our little Hermione Granger; a pushy, intelligent, know-it-all who is 100% the reason Harry was able to defeat Voldemort. So how could we think that the actress who played our favorite hero could be anything less then amazing? Since filming has wrapped up Emma Watson has used her star power for good, becoming a perfect role model for young girls and boys, fighting for gender equality, helping create the He ForShe campaign, and even speaking at the U.N. How very Hermione of her. So here is just a few of her many perfect quotes that are undeniable evidence that she is one of the most amazing female role models of our generation. One of the greatest things about Harry Potter was it taught girls that they do not have to wait to be saved. Emma Watson brings this idea into reality by believing that girls can and should be warriors! I will fight till my last breath that Hermione is the only reason Voldemort didn't make a come back. Sometimes it is really hard to believe in yourself when everyone feels the need to chime in with their opinions. Emma reminds us that you will never please everyone so you might as well please yourself. Magazines drive me nuts! Photoshop coupled with the celebs huge bank account which can be used for plastic surgery touch ups and designer clothes makes it impossible for girls to compare. Having a role model that is comfortable in their skin makes it easier for other people to find that same comfort. Sometimes girls need to be reminded to cut ourselves some slack. When we expect to look like the fake pictures on magazines its hard not to be disappointed. Emma's version of sexy doesn't involve micro minis and crop tops. She believes that less is more and if you dress in what makes you comfortable then everyone will see how beautiful you look. Its a refreshing outlook on sexy for those girls who love sweaters and jeans. Have confidence in yourself and Dare to be Different! Just because you aren't into getting drunk every weekend or Orange is the New Black, doesn't make you a loser. Like what you like, its a waste of your time to pretend to be something you're not. In a world where its all about looks, the smart quitter girls sometimes feel pushed to the side. Don't act dumb just because you think that it'll land you the guy. Because pretending he's right all the time will get old really quick. Plus you deserve better. Just thank you! I hate when people try too talk about feminism when they don't even know the real definition. And Emma (like Hermione) presents her points perfectly. She is articulate and well prepared. Feminism is too often considered a "female" issue. Emma Watson includes everyone in the fight for equality, which is brilliant because isolating half of the population will not work for anyone. You are bloody brilliant Emma Watson. Hermione would be so proud (and a tad bit jealous).
Did Disney steal The Lion King from a Japanese anime?
For decades, the vast resemblance between Disney's Lion King (1994) and the Japanese series Kimba, The White Lion (1960s) has been debated by film critics. And now with the live action remake making half a billion dollars worldwide, a lot of viewers are now finding out and debating about how original the story of Lion King actually is. Many believe Disney stole the idea of the Lion King from the series Kimba, The White Lion, created by the Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka. Even the Tezuka camp has gone on record to say Disney copied the idea. However Disney denies the allegations and continues to say Lion King is a 10000% original Disney story. There are several reasons why people think Lion King is an almost blatant "copy" of the series: 1. Kimba vs Simba The most obvious is the name of the protagonists in both stories: Simba and Kimba. Who not only look slightly similar, share similar names but also similar motivations as both are young lions who will inherit the savanna empire. 2. Scar x2 The story goes that Kimba is an orphan lion after his father is killed and mother is captured. He manages to escape and when he returns home, he realizes that a bad lion with a scar on his eye, took power and became a dictator. Sound and look familiar? 3. Simba and Kimba's friendship circle Kimba makes friends with two animals, a lion cub and a tucan. The same thing happens with Simba, when Nala and Zaza join. Similar squads too.. hmm. 4. Cloud visions Both Simba and Kimba see visions of their respective fathers in clouds, pushing them in the direction they should go. 5. Simba and Kimba on Pride Rock.. ... et tu? 6. Creators of the Lion King, as well as Matthew Broderick (the og voice of Simba), have said that they have seen the anime Kimba The White Lion before. The list could go on and on... But I think one thing we can agree on is, Disney's Lion King wasn't all that original.. What do you think? Coincidence or Blatant copy?