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Lately, one England-based start-up has made it a mission to revolutionize the way the UK communicates via 'snail mail'. Named 'Potato In The Post', the service will ship a potato to the recipient of your choosing - complete with a customized, handwritten message.
Since the business began three months ago, owner Adrian Nantchev has made roughly £12,000 (approximately $18,031.74 USD), a rate that has only been picking up now that the holiday season is in full swing and more and more people find out about it.
Nantchev was inspired to start the business after discovering similar US-based businesses on the Internet, namely 'Potato Parcel' and 'Name-A-Spud':

"I thought, why not try to make a go of it in the UK? People must be bored of receiving cards in the post all the time - a potato is a lot more exciting."

With a price range of £4.49 - 5.99 a spud (~$7 - 9 USD), customers can have anything they want written down, so long as it remains under 40 characters. The official website suggests anything from 'A Potato. How Cool?' to full-on marriage proposals "for maximum emotional impact". (Because, you know, nothing makes me more emotional than a firm Yukon Gold.)
So, I guess the moral of the story here is that flowers are fine, cards are okay, but nothing makes a longer-lasting impression than mailing your friend a root vegetable with some stranger's handwriting all over it.

Would YOU send someone a Potato in the Post, or is it just another huge waste of money? Who would you want to send one to, and why?

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I would mail one to you @DANIDEE with the inscription eat me with sour cream
My friend mikki (Ramen Noodles ) Send each other random stuff. so doing this
Ha! I guess? I've mailed my friends some weird stuff
Ohhh I like that idea more! @HeatherWright and just add weird puns on the veggies. like "you are my root!" and "I'll put you on the top of my list for christmas!"
This totally made me think of that episode of Archer where Mallory gives her landlord potatoes. Lol. Ah. Potatoes. So moving...
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