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MTV Movie Awards Ganadores!

La lista de ganadores de los MTV Movie Awards A continuación, la lista de ganadores de los premios MTV Movie Awards. CINTA DEL AÑO "The avengers" de Marvel MEJOR ACTOR Bradley Cooper "Silver lining playbook" MEJOR MOMENTO WTF Jamie Foxx y Samuel L. Jackson en "Django unchained" MEJOR PELEA "The avengers" ESPECIAL TRAILBLAZER AL SELLO EN LA INDUSTRIA Emma Watson MEJOR BESO Jennifer Lawrence y Bradley Cooper en "Silver lining playbook" GENIO DE LA COMEDIA Will Ferrell REVELACION Rebel Wilson "Pitch perfect" "AL MEJOR SIN CAMISA" Taylor Lautner MEJOR VILLANO Tom Hilson "The avengers" PREMIO GENERACION Jamie Foxx MEJOR MOMENTO MUSICAL Rebel Wilson por "Pitch perfect" ogz
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pufff q buen actor
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Jennifer Lawrence is Stellar in Latest Joy Trailer
I think we all knew/know that Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress. And I don't think any of us forgot this fact but we're definitely reminded in the latest trailer for David O. Russell's Joy. In the trailer, it's clear to see that her performance as the titular Joy is one that many of us will remember for a long time. There are a lot of moments in the trailer where Lawrence shines but the moments that stick out to me the most are at the beginning and the end of the trailer. At the start of it, we get her voice over and since the movie isn't out yet, we're unsure if she's addressing the audience or someone within the realm of the film. Either way, thought, it doesn't really matter. The way she deliver each line sends shivers up my spine. And it's especially moving because in this early portion of the trailer we don't see her face or her body movements. She shows us how much power and skill she has as an actress even when she's not physically on screen. The ending of the trailer, however, puts both of these things together for one of the more tense moments of the trailer. She talks slow and deliberate as Russell moves the camera in closer. And we can see the Robert De Niro on the right side of the frame acting passively; making Lawrence's performance even stronger. She doesn't break eye contact with the person she's speaking to and her words hit like bricks against skulls. To be honest, I felt terrified of the character Lawrence was playing. It made me want to see the movie more than I already do. Joy will be in theaters on Christmas this year.