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My "Taek Me Home For the Holidays" Subgroup!

Make your own Christmas subgroup! Any idol, any group: who do you want in this special holiday group?


"Tae-k me home for the holidays!"

featuring....Taehyung, Taekwoon, Taeyang, Taemin, & Taehyun!
I admit it's a seriously weird combination, but I think they all would be somehow super fun together? Definitely a weird group, but we'd have fun songs, and they're all "Tae"s so it'd probably be funny to watch them interact. What do you think? Is it too weird?

Make your own holiday subgroup & tag me in the card xD

I wanna know what you'd all do!!!
@StephanieDuong let's make it happen XD
Ummmmm. I'm totally onboard with this idea. xD
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