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Hey you guys I know I have been totally incognito in my posts but since my school semester is finally over and finals are over with I can get back to posting and making cards as usual. So my first Yes or No card will be.....* drum roll*....... Love Line by Hyorin, Jooyoung, Bumkey
So this song was an absolute Yes for me from the start. I love the jazzy beat that flows in and out through the whole song and it has a little hip hopish feel to it. I thought it was perfect first of all because of the line up. Hyorin has such an amazingly beautiful voice and powerful vocals that back up the music. Jooyoung has already established himself a sexy voiced vocalist whose voice can melt your insides..... right? And of course we can't forget Bumkey and his jazzy effect. So all in all this song w's going to be amazing to me from the start.
Yes, for sure! Hyolyn and Bumkey are always a yes, but I see imma have to look up JooYoung, cause I feel like I should know him but I'm drawing up blanks.... To YouTube!!!
yes I like it nd I really missed hyorin unni voice
oh, um, yes
yes yes yes yes yes
This is a definite yass...found my new jam
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