Hey guys! It's high school week! I'm going to talk about School 2013 since most of us have watch it!


Lee Jung Suk as Go Nam Soon Kim Woo Bin as Park Heung Soo Kwak Jung Wook as Oh Jung Ho Lee Yi Kyung as Han Young Hoon Jang Nara as Jung In Jae Choi Daniel as Kang Se Chan ....And alot others but I didn't know their names (hehe)


Seungri academy is ranked the lowest in Seoul due to academic scores. Nam Soon in class 2 was elected as a class president thanks to the support of Jung Ho, the school gang leader! Se Chan is a professional educator in Gangam. To improve the student, the principal asked Se Chan to teach at her school. Then a new guy called Heung Soo moved to the school and somehow, Nam Soon began to treat Heung soo differently. Other classmates thought that Heung Soo was blackmailing or bullying Nam Soon but is that acutally what's going on?
was this supposed to be before School 2015?? I think i havent watched this woops xD
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@Genesis Yeah it's before 2015! lol and I thought everyone watched it!xD
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I'm so behind on my kdramas '-_-
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