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Mix one of the best holiday treats with one of the best inventions of all time (vodka) to make amazing candy cane vodka that you can drink by itself or pour in hot chocolate or coffee. This DIY tutorial comes from the wonderful people at Shutterbean.


For this project, you will need:
-- Candy canes
-- Mason jar
-- Vodka (your favorite kind)
-- Food processor or crusher
-- Strainer
You can find all of these items at a grocery store.

Crush the candy canes

Use the food processor or crusher to completely crush the candy canes. They don't have to be crushed this finely, but making them into smaller pieces will help the process of making the candy cane vodka go a little bit faster.

Pour in the vodka

Put the broken/ground candy canes in the mason jar. Then, pour the vodka on top until it fills all the way to the top of the jar. Let the vodka absorb the candy canes.

Strain the liquid

After the vodka has absorbed all of the candy cane, strain the liquid so that the candy cane vodka will be smooth.

Pour into a shot glass or into a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy!

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