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Love will make you do some crazy things.

One of those things happens to be traveling miles and waiting twelve days [not twelve hours, but twelve days] in line to be wed in front of the TCL theatre where the first Star Wars movie premiered. Star Wars fans play absolutely no games. Caroline Ritter and husband, Andrew Porters flew all the way from Australia to share their special day at this historic theatre in Hollywood. The best part is that they didn't spend those 12 days in vain.
While they waited in line they had the opportunity to raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation by using the website LiningUp. Their wedding party dressed up as some of your favorite Star Wars characters and the ceremony was even officiated by a minister who goes by the name Obi-Shawn Crosby. How clever? Your wedding day is supposed to be memorable and let's just say this will be a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Keep scrolling to see an amazing wedding day and may the force -- I mean love, be with you.

Congrats Caroline and Andrew!

How cool is this? Would you wait in line for 12 days?
I would also sleep waiting for a anime wedding.
This is so nerdy and cute I love it! I once saw a couple getting married outside dressed like fairies. I didn't judge, whatever makes them happy... right?
Hahaha no worries @xDaisyDaysx :) it would be awesome to see
@nicolejb. that sounds nice but that is a long time from now馃槉
Lol @xDaisyDaysx when you have your anime wedding, you should probably write a card on vingle and share the pictures. I would love to see that!
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