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Seo Jung Hoo is so-called "errand boy". For a relevant price he may complete any task, only if it's not connected with murder. Under Healer's mask he had run foul of some organizations that now strive to catch him, however no one knows who he really is. He can count on older woman's help, genius hacker responsible for the technical part of their job. One of his tasks is closely connected to one girl, Chae Yeong Shin, second rate tabloid reporter. She starts to have an interest about Healer when he tries to get close to her, which results in the discovery of their common past. Ji Chang Wook (Seo Jung Hoo/Park Bong Soo/Healer) Park Min Young (Chae Yeong Shin/Oh Ji An) Yoo Ji Tae (Kim Moon Ho) Kim Mi Kyung (Jo Min Ja)
This show is hands down one of the best dramas of 2014. If you didn't like Healer for some reason then you need a doctor's visit buddy. This drama gave action (which was really good), romance (thank goodness there wasn't any stiff kissing in this show), mystery and drama of course since the world can't do without it lol
You will love the bond these two have; they are definitely comedy every time they are on screen.
This will be the cutest episode you will watch I guarantee ^_^
@baileykayleen It definitely has a high re watch value !
Healer! I can't say enough good things about this show. Definitely one of my favorite shows I've ever seen.
Ah healer.. it was one of those that you wanted to end so you could actually see the adding and get closure but at the same time didn't want it to end cause it was so good