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Supernatural Morning Quiz ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨
You know with everything that is good, you also have the bad. And that's what makes Supernatural special because some of there big bad demons are played by awesome people who really do a good job being bad. So today quiz is which Demon are you? Click the link for the quiz! L A Von Winchester!
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@craigsinclar I think most of here are just fans of the characters and don't believe in the rituals and stuff that goes on. The characters of Sam and Dean are very well written and the "main story" back drop not included. They are brothers that go through stuff that stick together to thick and thin. I personally don't worship the devi or anything of that nature. But the show, just as a show pure entertainment is good. That's the only reason it has been on for 11 years now.
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@LAVONYORK I'm gonna need a muzzle for people who comment on our stuff with out taking into consideration we all know it isnt real and that the "real" things can stay in their religions.
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@AshelyJewell that's why I'm here lol. This will not be the first or last. We must respect each other that's the main thing.
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*grumbles like a grumpy dwarf in a corner* lol
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I'm Ruby!! And Sam's my favorite character, too! 😍
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