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Chapter 1: "You can't be serious." Eve said as she stopped mid sip from what her sister had said. " Why can't I? She is a very suitable match." Dawn said calmly taking a sip of her tea as the summer air surrounded her. The tea shop they were at was very popular and many people were there talking. They're Pokemon either laying by their side or on their laps. " She may be very smart, but the middle school she went to had no kind of battle training." Dawn shrugged her shoulders lightly feeling herself give off a small sigh. " That statement is suppose to convey what exactly?" She said Eve placed her cup down not interested in the drink any longer." How is she going to represent how important and strong are school is if we don't even know if she can battle well'?" Eve steamed feeling like her sister wasn't even thinking this through. " I feel like you're just picking her at random! Out of all the students, why here" Dawn finished the rest of her tea placing her cup down. "Do you recall a young boy who required a Pikachu as his first Pokemon?" Eve stopped steaming for a minute as the boy came into mind." Yes, he didn't even seem capable of maintaining him for a while. He was always losing him, and getting shocked when he asked it to do something." Dawn nodded. "and why is that?" "No no no! Do not start this with me! I am not the student any longer! I do not need a lesson." Eve defensively crossed her arms puffing out her cheeks. Dawn smiled." That may be true, but you are my younger sister, and I wouldn't be doing my job as your peer educator if I didn't teach you some things." Eve narrowed her brows, as her pouting continued." You don't need to teach me anything!" Dawn just raised her eyebrows crossing her arms back. A smirk could be seen on her face." Then answer my question: why is that?" She said much slower. Eve rolled her eyes." He didn't have a good connection with it, and trust me that is important! Though, with out any other substantial skills!" "I have faith in her. She is smart, and has a unique love for pokemon. What more does she need to prove on how capable she is?" Eve felt her self about to scream as her sister had asked for the same answer she had just given her at the beginning of the conversation. " THE BATTLES!" She hollered. dawn shrugged turning away."She's fine." ~time skip~ " Welcome First year students! My Name is Zuri, and I am the principle of this school. I am very glad that you chose this high school as the high school to get your education for the world of Pokemon!" said a women that stood about 4' 5" and look like a small child. Some of the students began to chatter during the small pause. " She looks like she's younger than my little sister." one student would say. " Is she even old enough to be teaching me?" another student would respond, and a chain of repetitive questions and remarks began to quietly break out through out the auditorium adding up to just one loud murmuring sound. This was nothing new to Zuri as her size has always played a roll in all the underestimation in her life. In reality she had grown to love it, because if there was anything she loved more was the face of her opponent who was savagely beaten by an innocent "little girl." "Students! If I could have your attention for a few minutes more I would like to introduce you to you're grade representative!" she said as some of the students seemed to show signs of confusion of what she even meant by that. "Ah right! I forgot you youngins' are fresh out of middle school! Your grade representative is the student who is kind of like....your class president. She'll make all decisions involving your grade, and will give all judgment to students in trouble. Sound good? Good...Moving on!" she said as some of the students began protesting. "Please meet your representative...Elaine." Some students still began to protest until the young girl walked out onto the stage. A young women walked out with straight silver hair, light pale skin. Her eyes were a cloudy color as she stared out to the crowd, and she dressed in her white skirt and white blouse. A flower pinned the side of her hair, but she still brushed the hair behind her ear out of habit . "H-hello...." She mumbled standing stiffly in front of everyone. " I'm Elaine Cintara. I was really surprised when they told me I would be the representative for my class. I can't say I'm anything special, or feel I'm even qualified." She was silent for a moment softly gripping her skirt, and she could feel all the eyes of her new classmates staring at her. If there were 600 students.....that means there are twice as many eyes. That's when her view found a boy with silver hair that gave her a reassuring smile." Isa." She thought as she smiled her eyes giving off a more confident glare."Though.....who really is? If we all already knew what we were doing...we wouldn't have to be here right? I may not be the best, but I promise to always do my best!" The crowd cheered and she did a small curtsy walking off the stage. The audience was listening as the principle came out to introduce herself." Who is that? She looks like she could be in elementary school." Sad a boy with shaggy brown hair and a green jacket. " Obviously someone doesn't listen...." A girl with purple hair said huffing and crossing her legs her red boots matching her red skirt. The girl next to her giggled covering her hand over her mouth. " Now Terra," she said straightening her glasses." Let's play nice." the violet hair girl huffed crossing her arms over her black and red strapless top." And her. How can I take anyone that small serious?" She whispered. Isabella shrugged making the brown hair that was braided over her shoulder move slightly. "It does seem almost physically impossible for someone to be at that size at her age." "She's so cute." A girl in the back with black and blonde pigtails squealed her purples eyes cleaning as the small lady on stage talked. "Do you think if I followed her around I would find a pot of gold." A guy sitting next to her wearing a orange bandana over his black hair. He was flicked in the back of the hair by a blue haired girl with a beany cap. "Oweeeee!" He whined turning around staring in the girls glaring blue eyes." No gold for you! I was going to share, but because of way I'm going to keep it all!" She rolled her eyes and the girl pig tails giggles."'re being too loud" The girl in blue said putting her finger over her lips making the noise. "I'm not being loud. The world is just too quiet." The girl with blue hair rolled her eyes and then started looking around." Has anyone seen Elaine?" "Look for Isa. Those two are usually attached by the hip." The bandanna guy said and the blue hair girl looked around finally spotting a guy with silver hair, but not Elaine. "She's up there." She said and they both looked in shock. "She's after my gold!" The girl in the blue sighed." She didn't say anything about being the class representative." the shorter girl with pig tails jumped and her seat. " Isn't it so cool though!? She'll be in the history books of the school and everything!" The girl in the blue smiled as she seemed so nervous" Yeah your right." "She's going to be our class representative? Boo!!!! Get off the stage!" She hollered Isabella shook her head ." Guess being nice went totally out the window." Terra scoffed." They expect us to just stick with her? Look she has no spine!" She said holding her hand out In a "look at this." Motion. Isa could feel his eyebrow twitch as he was hearing everyone talk shit about his girlfriend. The guy next to him didn't seem rude, but he was staring at her a little to much. Chapter 2: Elaine walked of the stage. The crowd was still cheering, and was slowly quieting down now that she was off stage. "Isa." She said to herself as she begin searching through the crowd. "Where is he?" "Elaine!" Someone called and she could barely see who it was before she got tackled and the faint veiw of pigtails flashed over her eyes. "Huh?" Elaine said trying to catch her balance before finally standing back up. "OH! Sparxs!" Sparxs looked back up at her with a big toothy grin. "Elaine, you're so cool! You're the class representative!" Elaine smiled and the girl with a blue beany cap came walking up to them wiht a guy with a bandana. "Elaine...why didn't you tell us?" "Well I-" She squeaked. Tetsuya was suddenly behind her whispering in her ear."Hey Elaine, did you find any gold yet? You can tell me. We can split the finds 40-50." "Gold?" Elaine said out loud, and started laughing. "You're so silly, Tetsuya." "Ha...Ha...." He laughed sarcastically. "Laugh all you want, but anyone that short has to have a stash of gold somewhere." "Elaine, stop humoring that Idiot. Why didn't you tell us?" The beany cap girl asked again a little more impatient this time. "I-" "There's MY girl." The silver haired male walked over to Elaine hugging her close, and then looking around suspiciously. "Isa?" "Whats wrong with you?" The beany cap girl said, raising her eyebrows at his stange behavior. "Mia!" He replied, "There's some weird guy staring at Elaine. Keep him away from her." "How can I protect here from someone I don't even know...." Mia said playing with her blue hair. As if she'd let anyone mess with Elaine anyways. "Oooooh....somebodies jealous!" Sparxs giggled. Isa was not amused. "I'm not crazy! I saw him! He was staring, and-" "Shhhh..."Elaine soothed looking up at him. "You don't have to worry about me. I'm sure it was nothing." She held his cheek, her lips curving up into a smile. "Besides, I'd never pick someone over you." She blushed, and Isa was about to lean down to kiss her. "Can't you guys get a room or something?" They all turned to see a girl with purple hair, Terra, with her trusted friend, Isabella. "Mind your buisness, if you don't like it then turn around." Isa said still holding onto Elaine, his happy smile fading off into an irritated glare. "Besides, I don't think you're in any position to be bossing Elaine around. She's the class representative....not you ." Mia said standing in front of Elaine with Isa giving of an intimidating territorial aura. "So wouldn't the class representative have to abide by the laws even more than the regular student." Terra countered. "Do you have any idea how goverment works?" Tetsuya said, and they all stared at him. "Seriously, do you guys? I have that class next." "Tsk." Terra said. "If you want to prove to me that you should really be the representative, then battle me." "That's not aloud!" Mia said. Terra smirked, "Why not, she's the representative. She can do what she wants remember?" Mia gritted her teeth. "It's ok Mia, she wants a battle. She's got one." Elaine said stepping towards them. She didn't want them to keep protecting her like she was helpless all the time. This was the year that she was going to show what she's really made of. So what do you think of my Pokemon story? Let me know! I know it doesn't say much! But it is also just the beggining! Have faith in me please! Link:
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