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From all recap about Queen In Hyun's Man. I'm totally love this one from joonni, make me falls even more for this drama :) ~~~~~~ Dong-Min and Hee-Jin are walking arm-in-arm down the red carpet, smiling and waving at the fans. As Hee-Jin looks around the crowd she sees a familiar figure- Kim Boong-Do from her “dreams.” Hee-Jin’s arm drop from Dong-Min as she looks at Boong-Do with longing, relief, and happiness. Boong-Do smiles in return- he blinks once as if to signal that he understands everything that Hee-Jin had delivered in her expression. Dong-Min grabs Hee-Jin’s hand and starts to pull her down the red carpet. Hee-Jin struggles to keep her eye on Boong-Do but she can no longer see him in the crowd. Hee-Jin is now pacing backstage of the award ceremony. Soo-Kyung approaches her and asks why she didn’t smile along with her partner down the red carpet. Hee-Jin replies that it was because she thought she saw someone. Soo-Kyung asks who and Hee-Jin tells her truthfully that she thought she saw Kim Boong-Do. Soo-Kyung tries to suppress a scream, but a does whimper escape. Hee-Jin doesn’t catch on to this, though, and wants Soo-Kyung to stop looking at her like that- she knows that it was just a figment of her imagination. Soo-Kyung is outside, doing what she is does best- talking to herself. Soo-Kyung doesn’t know who this Boong-Do is or what he even looks like. Boong-Do suddenly approaches her and asks how she is doing, that it’s been a long time. Soo-Kyung stares at Boong-Do and tries to confirm that this man in front of her is Kim Boong-Do. “Are you really Kim Boong-Do? Who the heck are you? You must not really be THE Kim Boong-Do? Why do you keep saying that you are Kim Boong-Do? Why do you keep asking for Hee-Jin?” Boong-Do, who remains as calm as ever, asks Soo-Kyung if she can’t remember him. Of course, Soo-Kyung replies, it’s the first time she has seen him. “Who are you? Really?” Boong-Do just smiles and tells her that he is disappointed- he thought they had gotten quite close. Soo-Kyung: “Us?” Boong-Do and Soo-Kyung are sitting in front of her café and with wild gestures, Soo-Kyung explains what has happened over the past couple of months. Boong-Do listens to all this and asks, “So the car…?” Soo-Kyung replies that Hee-Jin bought the car with her own money. Soo-Kyung never went to buy the car with Boong-Do, since she has never seen him before. She has also never taught him how to drive. Why is he saying the same thing as Hee-Jin? Soo-Kyung is totally lost. Here is this man from Hee-Jin’s dreams. If he was real then, and appeared in the Annals like Hee-Jin said, why is here alive? Soo-Kyung: Don’t you think I would regard this is a ridiculous? Boong-Do: Yes, I do. Soo-Kyung: Then why do you keep doing this? Boong-Do smiles in reply. Soo-Kyung wants him to tell the truth- he is just Hee-Jin’s fan. When he smiles again, Soo-Kyung takes that as an admission. Soo-Kyung gets a call and leaves for a moment. Boong-Do sits alone and thinks, “It wasn’t memories that disappeared, but time.” Boong-Do thinks back at the words on the amulet that was cut. He focuses on the word “gap” from the phrase “gap in time.” “Through the gap in time, everything disappeared,” he thinks. “Time that is restarting from the beginning.” Boong-Do sighs in understanding. Soo-Kyung hangs up her call and looks at Boong-Do from afar. “I don’t think he is a bad person. How did he become like that?” Soo-Kyung enters the café again and tells Boong-Do that she needs to get back. “It there anything that you didn’t understand?” Boong-Do replies that he understood everything. Soo-Kyung can’t leave immediately, though, and tries to comfort Boong-Do. “Choi Hee-Jin is really not that great. It’s all lights and makeup.” She doesn’t know why someone who looks as normal as he does is creating delusions around an actress. If he really wanted to, he could have the girls all around him. Boong-Do almost spits out his tea. He tells Soo-Kyung that he is comforted by this. Soo-Kyung wants to ask Boong-Do something. “You said you were a graduate student. What school?” He replies, “Sung Kyun Kwan,” and when she asks, “That’s the truth, right?” he flashes back to when Soo-Kyung had asked him this before. He had replied back then, “You told me to only tell the truth.” So once again, he replies, “You told me to only tell the truth.” Soo-Kyung asks where he lives and when he replies, “Bukchon,” she has the same reaction she had last time. Soo-Kyung continues to ask the same line of questions- what kind of household, does he live with his parents, etc. Boong-Do answers before she even finishes. Boong-Do cannot help but laugh. He notes that she is very consistent. She always asks the same things and in the same order too. It’s not easy to be that reliable and predictable. Boong-Do in return asks his question. Does Hee-Jin believe that the dream is a dream? Soo-Kyung tells him of course. A dream is a dream and she is dating her boyfriend very well right now. Boong-Do is surprised by this. “She has a boyfriend?” Soo-Kyung is surprised that he doesn’t know that- isn’t he her fan? Everyone knows. Boong-Do replies that it is because he wasn’t around for a while. “Who is it?” he questions. Soo-Kyung whispers, “Han Dong-Min.” He is the man next to Hee-Jin on the red carpet. “Doesn’t you even go on the internet?” Boong-Do looks disappointed Hee-Jin is in a daze backstage and remembers what Soo-Kyung told her about the phone calls earlier in the day. Hee-Jin gets up to look for her phone. Soo-Kyung is leaving now and reminds Boong-Do to keep his promise. Boong-Do confirms, “I won’t call.” He won’t have the life of the person he likes get all complicated. Soo-Kyung is surprised and please at this response. “Then where are you going now?” she asks. Boong-Do tells her that he will go home Hee-Jin is looking for Soo-Kyung and finds her. “Give me my phone.” Soo-Kyung tries to keep the phone from Hee-Jin but Hee-Jin wrestles it out of Soo-Kyung. “That phone call wasn’t an offer for nude modeling, right? Wasn’t it from Kim Boong-Do?” Soo-Kyung averts her eyes, which Hee-Jin confirms as a yes. She starts yelling, “See, I told you I saw him. I definitely saw him!” Soo-Kyung yells in return, “I didn’t tell you because I knew you would be like this. I did just meet someone who claimed that he was Kim Boong-Do.” Hee-Jin wants to know where he is. Soo-Kyung tells her that he left and that he admitted he just made up everything. Hee-Jin runs out of the ceremony hall. She takes off her shoes to run in earnest. Soo-Kyung chases after her but cannot follow. Hee-Jin runs all the way barefoot, across the city, to the café that Boong-Do and Soo-Kyung were. She only sees the drinks left on the table and decides to take the cab to the park where they had promised to meet before. Hee-Jin wants the taxi driver to go faster but he recognizes her as an actress and keeps asking her questions. Hee-Jin loses it and yells, “I told you go faster! Are you going to take responsibility if things go wrong?” Hee-Jin has an adult version of a temper tantrum. They finally arrive at the park and Hee-Jin jumps out. The taxi driver wants his fare but Hee-Jin just tells him to wait- she will be right back and give him the money. Hee-Jin arrives at the phone booth but she does not see anyone there. She slowly approaches the phone booth and collapses on the ground when it sinks it that no one is there waiting for her. Han-Dong opens the door and he see a monk. He is from the Buddhist temple and came to check on Boong-Do. Han-Dong tells him that Boong-Do is asleep in his room but Yoon-Wol runs out and asks what happened to Boong-Do. The monk explains that Boong-Do came to the temple and something happened. Han-Dong is surprised and runs to Boong-Do’s room. Han-Dong calls out for Boong-Do and enters his room. Boong-Do is sitting as his desk, writing. Han-Dong tells him that a monk is here from the temple asking after him. Boong-Do is writing a letter now to tell the monks that he is okay but they have come already to see him. Han-Dong wants to know what happened but Boong-Do tells him that nothing bad has happened. He wants Han-Dong to go to the police right now/ Yoon-Wol is waiting outside the door when Boong-Do and Han-Dong come out. Boong-Do is instructing Han-Dong to report to the government officials that a man name Ja-Soo is the leader and that they must catch him before he leaves the city. Boong-Do advises them to draw a picture of Ja-Soo to help catch him. Yoon-Wol asks Boong-Do when he returned and if he found what he was looking for. Boong-Do replies yes. It is a secret, though, and even the monk (Young-Myung) shouldn’t know about it. “It has now become a situation in which knowing its existence is poison.” Yoon-Wol can’t help but looked disappointed. “Did you meet that woman?” Boong-Do replies with a question of his own. “What do you think happened?” Dong-Min approaches Soo-Kyung who is on the phone. “Hee-Jin is gone?” Soo-Kyung tells him that she will come. Dong-Min wants to know where she went but Soo-Kyung pretends not to know. Dong-Min is annoyed that Hee-Jin is reverting back to her old habits. Soo-Kyung finally gets a call from Hee-Jin but pretends it is not her to Dong-Min. She takes the call in the bathroom. It is Hee-Jin from her cab. Soo-Kyung yells but Hee-Jin reassures her that she will not be late. Soo-Kyung wants to know if Hee-Jin met Boong-Do and Hee-Jin replies that she didn’t. She is returning now but has no money for the cab. She wants Soo-Kyung to come out and meet her. Hee-Jin breaks into a smile as she leans on the car window. We get a flashback to Hee-Jin crouched in front of the phone booth looking at her phone. Hee-Jin turns back her head to look at the phone booth. Boong-Do is uncovering his Joseon clothes hidden in the bushes on a hill where you can look down to see the phone booth. Before he changes clothes, Boong-Do looks back at the phone booth one more time and he sees Hee-Jin inside. Hee-Jin is dialing (I think the phone number that Boong-Do called from) when she hears a knock. It is Boong-Do. Hee-Jin drops the phone and opens the door. They stare at each other for a long time. Boong-Do: Why are you here? Hee-Jin: …… Boong-Do: Did you come chase after me? Hee-Jin just silently embraces Boong-Do. His arms go up around her. She grabs him even more tightly. Boong-Do gently smiles. Hee-Jin is in the car remembering all this with a smile on her face. We are back with Yoon-Wol and Boong-Do who had just asked him if he had met the woman. Boong-Do smiles. “I’m glad I didn’t commit a capital punishment. Just know that.” Ja-Soo has come again to see Minister Min. Ja-Soo reports that his identity has been revealed to Boong-Do. He came to see Min before he left the city. Ja-Soo reports that everything Minister Min said was true and it was all possible because of the amulet. Han-Dong has arrived at the police with Boong-Do’s letter. Ja-Soo is leaving when he sees them. He is later sitting with the other followers, drinking, and he tells them that he now knows the reason why learned men read. They will leave now. They have a lot to do. Dong-Min is at the club after the award show. He is looking for Hee-Jin. He sees other actresses and asks if they saw Hee-Jin. They haven’t. Hee-Jin is trying to slip out of the club unnoticed but she sees Dong-Min’s manager outside. Hee-Jin crawls between cars, in heels, with a drink in her hand. In another flashback we see Boong-Do putting Hee-Jin in a cab. Hee-Jin promises to meet later. She has to go now; otherwise she is going to be late. She is so sorry. Boong-Do tells her that he also needs to return home so she has no need to be sorry. The cab driver is cranky. “Aren’t we leaving?” Hee-Jin wants Boong-Do to come to her house at midnight. She starts rambling the address and yells at the poor driver again, “Don’t you have a pen?” But Boong-Do has memorized the address already. Memorization is his talent. He will find her. Hee-Jin finally makes it into a cab, leaving her drink on the sidewalk. She walks inside her house, unzipping her dress. When one shoulder is already off, she see Boong-Do sitting on the sofa and screams. Boong-Do holds up his hand to cover his peripheral vision. “I’m telling you that I definitely did not mean to surprise you.” Hee-Jin pulls up her dress again and asks why he is inside and not outside the house. Boong-Do thought she wanted him to come inside her house, so that people can’t see. He doesn’t want her to misunderstand. He is definitely not trespassing on purpose. Hee-Jin yells that she is misunderstanding- that it does seem like he trespassed on purpose. Boong-Do is still covering his face as he tells Hee-Jin that he did not know she took off her clothes as soon as she got home. Hee-Jin tells him that it’s normal here. He isn’t sure of that. He thinks she tries too often to con him just because he doesn’t know about this world. Hee-Jin smiles as his adorableness. Boong-Do wants to know why Hee-Jin is standing there like that with her arms around her back. Hee-Jin tells him that modern clothes are different from traditional clothing. Boong-Do starts saying, “If it was traditional clothing…” Hee-Jin retorts, “So you have confidence if it was traditional woman’s clothing?” Boong-Do gets up and tells her to change comfortably because he is going to wait outside. Hee-Jin is indignant. “You’re leaving now after seeing everything you can see?” Boong-Do replies, “I am leaving now since I HAVE seen everything I can see.” Hee-Jin keeps talking to his back. “You keep saying you aren’t a player but you are the biggest player I have known.” Boong-Do smiles and tries to leave when Hee-Jin stops him and asks for the amulet. She wants to keep it until he leaves. She doesn’t want him to keep disappearing on her. Boong-Do asks, “Then I can’t even leave when I want to now?” Hee-Jin replies that she is the one who always gets the short end of the stick. She doesn’t know when he comes and just has to wait all the time. He hands her the amulet and Hee-Jin grabs it saying, “Now this is fair,” and she sticks out her tongue at him. Hee-Jin puts the amulet in a drawer and Boong-Do waits outside. He looks around the city. He suddenly hears a voice saying, “I’m at Hee-Jin’s. Come pick me up here.” Boong-Do quickly hides himself inside the house but Hee-Jin is still pulling up her skirt. She yells that he really is a player. He quickly says that if she insists he is a player, he really is one but that person has come. Hee-Jin asks, “Who?” Boong-Do’s eye twitches a little before he says, “Your boyfriend.” Hee-Jin is surprised- Dong-Min should be at the club. Boong-Do just continues to give her the evil glare. Dong-Min rings the bell and Boong-Do wants his amulet. Hee-Jin frowns. She doesn’t want him to leave. Dong-Min can’t come in anyway if she doesn’t answer. Boong-Do hears the beeping sounds at the door and exclaims, “I think he is opening the door.” Hee-Jin and Boong-Do scramble. Hee-Jin throws herself on the sofa, pretending to be asleep and the man with the long legs has already made it up the stairs and onto the bed. Dong-Min sees Hee-Jin sleeping and wakes her up. The actress pretends to have just fallen asleep. Dong-Min tells her that he came because he couldn’t get a hold of her. Hee-Jin tries her best to endure Dong-Min’s aegyo. Dong-Min found out the door password from Soo-Kyung. Dong-Min turns on the music and Hee-Jin exchanges glances with Boong-Do. Dong-Min is angry Hee-Jin didn’t tell him that he was leaving. He grabs her into a headlock and Boong-Do, who is watching all this, frowns. Hee-Jin tries to drag Dong-Min out with her head. Maybe they can talk at a café? But Dong-Min doesn’t want to leave. Hee-Jin has something to tell him too but Dong-Min thinks she can just tell him here. Hee-Jin tells him that it is serious but Dong-Min doesn’t want to hear it. He holds Hee-Jin by her waist, “Gone With the Wind” style, and Boong-Do changes into predator position. Dong-Min moves in for a kiss when water splashes on him. “What the? Is water leaking?” Hee-Jin tells Dong-Min that water leaks sometime in the house. Hee-Jin tries to leave the waist hold but Dong-Min grabs on even tighter. Boong-Do takes even a sharper aim from upstairs and sprays Dong-Min Dong-Min’s face is soaking wet as he looks up at the ceiling. Hee-Jin blames water leakage. She tries to point in the opposite direction but Dong-Min corrects her- “It came from there,” as he points toward the upstairs bedroom. Hee-Jin quickly distracts him with his wet clothes and drags him to the bathroom. Dong-Min wants her to move- what kind of house is this? Hee-Jin is now outside and looks up at Boong-Do. He is crouching on the floor of the upstairs room with the water sprayer in hand. Hee-Jin says, “Surprisingly, you’re pretty petty.” Boong-Do responds that he just wanted to know what this thing did. “What do you use this for?” . He adds, “What are you going to do with him?” Hee-Jin responds that they can’t blame Dong-Min. He knows nothing. Boong-Do agrees, “Then I picked the wrong target for punishment. It is you who gave her heart to two men.” He points the water bottle at Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin is indignant. “You mean to say that I cheated? I did nothing wrong. Everything is like this because of you. You’re the one who going off to get married to Young Eui Jung’s daughter.” Boong-Do finally drops the water spray bottle. “How did you know about that?” Hee-Jin tells him that there is nothing that wasn’t written in the Annals. She is keeping her eye on him through them. “You must feel good. The road to success you have been waiting for is finally open.” She mumbles, “A heavenly beauty, they say.” Boong-Do teases her. “I was eying that option.” Hee-Jin responds that she is the one who should be punishing him. She goes grabs a board eraser. But before she can throw it, Boong-Do speaks up. “Will it be okay if I take responsibility?” Hee-Jin cannot throw the eraser at that. She asks, “How?” Boong-Do replies, “I will think about how I will take responsibility and return. Do you know what I risked to see In Hyun Wang Hoo’s face? There isn’t anything I can’t do.” Hee-Jin can’t respond for a moment but finally musters, “You practiced this, didn’t you? You speak so well, it’s annoying. I wanted to see you too in elegant form but all I did was take off my clothes.” They smile at each other. Boong-Do asks for his amulet again. Hee-Jin takes it out and jumps up to give it to Boong-Do. They wordlessly smile before Hee-Jin says, “I’ll be the one to take responsibility. Just make sure to keep your promises.” They wave goodbye as Hee-Jin asks, “You’ll come tomorrow, right?” Dong-Min calls out for Hee-Jin from the bathroom. He comes out telling her she needs to move. Hee-Jin tells him that she will take care of it but Dong-Min is already on the phone calling his manager (Chun-Soo) to find a new house for Hee-Jin. Hee-Jin cannot wait to say what’s on her mind and announces, “Let’s break up.” Dong-Min hangs up the phone in surprise and stares at Hee-Jin. Dong-Min cannot believe what he is hearing. Hee-Jin explains that the person she had dated before has shown up again. Dong-Min is angry. It’s not enough that she has a man from her dreams, but another man? Dong-Min thinks her excuses her dumb. Hee-Jin informs him that the man she is talking about is the man from her dreams. “I didn’t think it was a dream and it really wasn’t. How do I explain this? I think I lost some memories here and there. So just understand it as amnesia.” Hee-Jin explains that she met that man before she started dating Dong-Min again. She wasn’t two-timing. She is sorry but she doesn’t want to keep on lying to Dong-Min. Dong-Min finally explodes and throws the towel at Hee-Jin’s face “I’ve tried to understand as much as I can because everyone said it was because of your accident. Don’t you know what my temper is like? Don’t you know how much I have been suppressing my temper these days? So who the hell are you saying you are meeting now? The man who appeared in your dreams? Kim Boong-Do is now actually here? Is that what you are saying? Where? Where did he suddenly just jump out from?” Hee-Jin tries to explain, “He went somewhere for a while and I couldn’t get a hold of him.” Dong-Min doesn’t believe this. “Bring him in front of me. You just spewing ridiculous nonsense.” Hee-Jin asks what he will do if the man really does come. Dong-Min replies that he will kill him. Hee-Jin informs Dong-Min that she never lied, that she kept on telling Dong-Min that she couldn’t forget that person. Dong-Min continues to scream that she is spewing nonsense. In contrast to Dong-Min, who has been screaming on top of his lungs this whole time, Hee-Jin continues to calmly respond. “I let you go quietly in the past. When you cheated on me, I let you go quietly. You told me that was the cool thing to do. You told me to be cool about it. You said you met someone you really loved- that is right to be true to your feelings, that it is better than lying. You’re the one who said all that. That’s why I am telling you the truth right now. How can you turn around on all that just because we are in the opposite position now?” Dong-Min interrupts her, “That’s in the past! He yells, “So you’re taking revenge on me. You….” as he approaches Hee-Jin. A pillow flies at his face and knocks him down, however, before he can get closer to Hee-Jin. Boong-Do is leaning over the railing upstairs. Hee-Jin looks up in surprise. “You didn’t leave?” Boong-Do responds, “I was uneasy when you said you would take responsibility. I heard everything you said and you picked the worst things to say. Don’t you know a man?” Dong-Min asks, “Who the hell are you?” from the floor but Hee-Jin and Boong-Do only have eyes for each other. Dong-Min gets up and asks Hee-Jin, “Is that b*stard Kim Boong-Do?” Boong-Do replies in her stead, “I am Kim Boong-Do and I am the one who sprayed the water.” Boong-Do sticks out his tongue. Dong-Min rushes upstairs. “You’re dead!” He tries to punch Boong-Do but Boong-Do ducks and run down stairs. He grabs Hee-Jin’s shoulders and says, “I say this every time but you’re straightforwardness/impulsiveness is a problem. How can you always let your feelings go first?” Dong-Min yells from upstairs for Boong-Do to keep away from Hee-Jin and tries to do a flying kick as he runs down. He misses once again and lands on the floor. Boong-Do safely moves Hee-Jin out of the way. Dong-Min grabs a golf club near by and yells, “Who are you? How are you Kim Boong-Do?” Dong-Min attacks but Boong-Do expertly knocks him down Boong-Do now has the golf club. He holds it up toward Dong-Min like it is a sword and says, “I think we are fated to fight every time we meet. I can take an attack twice, but not three times. I’m warning you, you should try to run. Like over there.” Dong-Min tries to throw things at Boong-Do but Boong-Do, with one arm behind his back, is able to dodge and attack Dong-Min. Dong-Min tries to run into the bathroom but before he can close the door, Boong-Do has the club in the gap of the doorway. Boong-Do knocks open the door and Dong-Min begs for them to just talk things out. Boong-Do prepares to hit Dong-Min with the metal end of the club but stops just short of actually doing it. Dong-Min rushes into the shower stall that is shaped like the one in the hospital. Boong-Min likes what he see and closes the bathroom door. “That’s a good judgement call. That is the safest place for you.” Boong-Do inserts the club through the handles and ties the doors shut. Dong-Min is inside asking who he is. “I told you I am Kim Boong Do.” Dong-Min yells that Hee-Jin is his girlfriend, that Boong-Do is getting between them. Boong-Do doesn’t deny that he is the one getting between them and instructs Dong-Min to wait as he leaves the bathroom. Boong-Do asks Hee-Jin, “What do you call it here when you take a woman who already has a man?” Boong-Do returns. “I’m sorry. we will start this conversation again. If we lay it all out, it isn’t wrong to say that I am getting between the two of you but I was first. And just because there is a goalkeeper, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a goal.” (You taught him well, Hee-Jin!). It would have been great if we had just talked this out but since it is already like this, just rest here and calm down a bit.” Boong-Do bows and leaves Boong-Do goes out to Hee-Jin and says, “I told him what I memorized but what does ‘goalkeeper’ mean?” Hee-Jin just says, “Let’s leave. We can’t stay here with Dong-Min. Soo-Kyung will come and let him out.” Boong-Do takes out his amulet and informs her, “I don’t need to run away.” Hee-Jin takes the amulet from him. “I said let’s leave.” Boong-Do stops her and asks, “What is your plan? You are taking my amulet from me and saying let’s go out.” Hee-Jin looks blank for a moment. “I told you I’m not smart. Stop asking me questions. I think my head is going to explode.” Soo-Kyung is with Chun-Soo in the van and Chun-Soo is asking about the water leak. Soo-Kyung replies that she doesn’t know about that. She gets a call from Dong-Min who informs her that Kim Boong-Do has trapped him in the shower stall. Dong-Min laughs like he has lost his mind. Soo-Kyung asks if the man was tall. Dong-Min realizes that Soo-Kyung knew about this man. “Did you know Hee-Jin was cheating? Were you the person who made up the whole dream story?” Soo-Kyung denies everything and asks where Hee-Jin went with Boong-Do. Dong-Min yells, “How the hell am I supposed to know? I’m trapped here in the bathroom!” Soo-Kyung hangs up and yells. She asks Chun-Soo if she looks crazy. He replies yes. She continues to scream. Hee-Jin and Boong-Do are at a guesthouse and Hee-Jin is checking Boong-Do in. “Only the man is using the room,” she informs the owner, because she is going to leave soon. Hee-Jin hands Boong-Do the keys and teaches him about the refrigerator, phone, hot water, and water boiler. Boong-Do listens to her silently before he interrupts her. “Do you mean for me to sleep here alone?” . Hee-Jin replies that she needs to return to clean up the situation at home. She will come tomorrow morning since she doesn’t have to film. Boong-Do replies, “ I don’t think I will be able to sleep. How could just leave me to this long, long night myself? You’re leaving me in this strange place. You even took my amulet.” Surely, you aren’t really leaving?” Hee-Jin just picks up the remote control and blabbers on that there is a lot to see on television. Boong-Do grabs the remote control out of her hand and pulls her in for a kiss. He is not done kissing her when Hee-Jin suddenly pulls away. “What are you doing? I have regained my sanity. We shouldn’t be doing this right now with no plan. We have a lot of problems to solve. You told me that my impulsiveness is a problem.” Boong-Do, still holding Hee-Jin’s face in his hands, says, “Have I not told you this? How much that temper of yours is a charm.” Hee-Jin once again states, “Player.” Boong-Do replies, “I didn’t know this before but I am a player. I concede.” He pulls her in for another kiss, even more tightly this time, as Hee-Jin stands on her tippy-toes and later his feet. cr: cjenmdrama, http://joonni.com
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