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I scratched my head, trying to remember if in the two years or so that I'm on Vingle, I encountered any case of cyber violence ( defaming , incitement, hard porn, etc. ), and I really cant think of even one case. Needless to say that comparing to other social networks, it is quite extraordinary. So I'd like to ask, is this your experience too? And if yes, why do you think Vingle is so different ? *Edit* : See my card about sympathy in cyberspace, which is based on the comments I got on this card ( you probably want to read my comments first )
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Thanks for sharing @KittyCommittee :) I've noticed that a lot of communities are like that also, I'm a super nerd when it comes to musicals and every time I am surrounded by musical nerds I feel I have a safe space to nerd out. maybe that's another reason vingle is awesome. because we are with people that get out passions. we are with our people :)
I guess we have more of a family feel, in comparison with other social networks. It's really awesome, that one can express onself, share pics, getting to know people, without any fear of harassment. Vingle is classy and elegant, that's what makes it different..
Thank you all for your replies. You made a very interesting point. I am going to write a card about this in my "Invitation to justice" collection.
I really hope that there'll never be cyber bullying on vingle! That's the best n safest social site ever
everyone on vingle is treated like family here! simple as that