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안녕~ Again, thank you for following.
I wanted to do a video today, but the right side of my mouth is really sore inside and it is such a pain. I think it is my wisdom teeth going through another stage of growing or something. Mine have taken a while to actually get out. It is really sore. I hope after today it feels better. I just don't feel like I'd be at my best speaking today. Sorry everyone :<
(1) Meanwhile, try making some sentences with "to be/not to be" or "to exist (in)/not exist" with these new vocab words! It is good to practice. Remember the difference situations you use 이다 & 있다 etcetc in like I mentioned in the video. (The pen example. For example, saying that something is a pencil use eedah, but if you want to say you have a pencil you would use eesda) And don't forget to change it depending if it is formal, or informal (and the whole whether the previous word ends in a consonant or vowel thing)
(2) Also, try these exercises with pronouncing the letters I have been talking about ! :)
공항 airport
기차역 train station
대학교 university
공원 park
호텔 hotel
모텔 motel
가게 store
서점 bookstore
은행 bank
귀 ear
노트 note
택시 taxi
차 car
말 horse
돼 pig
새 bird
곰 bear
기란 giraffe
토끼 rabbit
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Sorry, I had bad wifi over Christmas but I hope you're feeling better!!!