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I recently posted a card that was a poll conducted with Japanese fans of who the hottest male character is. A looooooot of you disagreed with the list XD

Let's make our own!

- Comment a male, long haired character you think is hottest! - 1 character / comment - You can leave multiple comments! - "like" other comments to vote for the same character - Each comment like will count as a vote for that character, too! if anyone is having a hard time thinking of characters, check out this awesome list @Danse made!!! >>HERE <<

On Monday or Tuesday, I'll tally it up and see if we like our own results better :)

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Sesshomaru from Inuyasha 😍
2 years ago·Reply
Undertaker (///▽///)
2 years ago·Reply
^ Exactly what I thought... Undertaker from Black Butler
2 years ago·Reply
I think the brothers should take the win. inuyasha and seshomaru. I love silver white hair.
2 years ago·Reply
Do they have to be long-haired all the time cuz I was totally feeling Ichigo Kurosaki's final getsuga tenshou form
2 years ago·Reply
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