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Yes, yes. It's my birthday!!
And I couldn't help but find A LOT of birthday memes
I'm happy but a little sad too...it's the end of an era!!
But it's worth it to get birthday wishes from everyone close to me❤
Oh yeah!! And I'm the big 18!!!!! Let the adult life proceed!!! (BTW, Dean, Sam? Does this mean that I'm old enough to come hunting with you?!?! YAY!!)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I had no idea today was your day I am SO excited for you!!! I hope that all of your birthday wishes come true!!! Wo wo wo! Welcome to adulthood! Don't forget to register to vote and... whatever other things adults do haha
Thank you @shannonl5!!! I did have a pretty decent day I guess and I'll make sure to do what adults do haha😂 but this morning was hilarious and I now have a birthday story I can tell my children someday😆