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Think fifty shades of grey in living color.

This New Year's Eve, it's all about your ensemble and well, your underwear. Although nobody will be seeing what's under your clothes unless that's on your agenda [which is none of my business], choosing the right color underwear just might change your mood and your year to come.
There are six pair of underwear and each color represents something different that you might wish to possess in 2016, whether that be love, success or happiness. If you're up for finding out what each color means and which color panties will suit you best on NYE according to POPSUGAR, keep scrolling and to make the upcoming year full of color.

Red Underwear

Meaning: Love and romance.
Wear if: You've been on one Tinder date too many or feel like Taylor Swift is the one person who really understands you.

White Underwear

Meaning: Peace, harmony, and happiness.
Wear if: You need to stop stressing about work and are thinking about trying yoga.

Blue Underwear

Meaning: Wellness and good health.
Wear if: You keep recatching the same stupid cold or have decided 2015 is the year you finally get abs.

Yellow Underwear

Meaning: Wealth and success.
Wear if: You're tired of having to choose between paying rent or buying that gorgeous pair of shoes.

Green Underwear

Meaning: Life, nature, and overall well-being.
Wear if: You feel like you're addicted to Instagram and the closest contact you have to nature is your walk to work every morning.

Pink Underwear

Meaning: Love and harmony.
Wear if: You've been fighting with your boyfriend or roomie about the ever-growing amount of hair products you store in the bathroom.

Choose accordingly.

May all your wishes in the New Year come true.
Haha! Always a good option @Kamiamon
Hmmm...I'm thinking rainbow!