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MARK: i can't seem to take my eyes away from Jackson. Why does he care about me so much?, i want to talk to him but he's just so nice, and honestly i don't know why that makes me nervous. I know he wants me to talk to him but he gives me that smile that unconditionally gives me butterflies and i can't speak
I can see him staring at me, he smiles and then looks away. How can i tell him?
JACKSON: I know Mark isn't usually this quiet with me, he's always happy to talk to me. I stare at him again and he stares at me back. Our strange stares became intense as if we wanted to tell each other something. I never knew how pretty Mark's eyes were, to be honest I've never stared at him for this long. He finally looks away and i just keep staring at him, i wanted to watch his eyes more.
MARK: I can tell Jackson is still staring at me. I didn't even notice i was blushing the whole time. I tried to cross my eyes back to him but he looked away quickly and without control i lat out a smile and looked down at my paper again.
"You're honestly hiding something, Mark". Junior said to me suspiciously. "I'm not hiding anything, i'm just not in the mood". I said. "Hmmmm.... if you say so"
I looked away from him and looked around to see if i could find Jackson. All of the sudden a nurse comes into the cafeteria. I can hear her talk to the principal about a blond haired guy passed out in the bathroom. could it be Jackson?.
"Why was she even in the guy's bathroom?, "Yah, Mark where are you going?!". Bam screamed.
I went to the bathroom, and all i found was Jackson staring at himself on the mirror, he's so conceited.
"Oh, hey Mark..... did you come here because of the guy who was in the stall sleeping?. Ha! you should've been there, it was hilerious."
i was about to say something but her pushed me to the wall and leaned closer. My heart started beating like crazy, i was leaking my lips constantly and blushing tomato red. He first looked at my eyes and then my lips. He leaned closer and what seemed like he was going to kiss me soon quickly backed away when we heard footsteps but they were not heading to the bathroom.
Awkwardness surrounded us and i left in a hurry to figure out what was going on and to stop my heart from beating faster.
JACKSON: i didn't know why i just did that. His lips looked really thick and he kept leaking them that i just wanted to kiss them. But i backed away because i had to control myself. Besides i think he didn't really cared because when he left, he didn't look back as he usually does.