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We all have them. Admit it.

With relationships come the holiday's and with the holiday's come expectations. As much as we tell ourselves not to have any expectations, somehow it always ends up that way. Whether you're expecting his family to love you when you meet them for the first time Christmas morning or whether you're expecting that engagement ring on New Year's Eve -- expectations are normal.
As normal as they are, sometimes they can ruin the reality of a situation. Which is why it's better to leave all expectations at the door and just enjoy life. If you're in a relationship and this is your first holiday with your beau, if you must expect something -- just don't expect anything at all. Enjoy yourself and be happy to be spending the most wonderful time of the year with someone special. Keep scrolling for a good laugh on the expectations vs. realities of being in a relationship during the holiday's.

How accurate was this video?

It was sorta close
Holidays and being in a relationship is hard. I feel like I always have to balance out my family and my relationship. ahh and I can't please everyone. but this video is right. there's no one else you would rather spend it with <3
Yeah, I agree @MicahIrene
I agree! Although I haven't been in a relationship during the holidays in 5 years, but when I was it was definitely hard to balance the two. I made it work though @nicolejb