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It was love at first sight.

I usually have more than one favorite item for the week, but I felt like this specific purchase deserved all the shine. It's not everyday that I buy pieces that I immediately fall in love with. Okay, maybe I do, but these shoes were literally love at first site. I shared these about a week ago on my must-have card and low and behold, they are now mine. It's no secret that Zara is an amazing store that has amazing clothes and shoes. This was my first time purchasing a pair of shoes and believe me when I say it was on a whim. I had heard several mixed reviews about the sizing of the shoes, etc, but I couldn't be anymore pleased than I already am.
I mean the shoes are perfect and they are right up my alley. The color, the style -- just perfect. I can literally see myself wearing these shoes each and every season. Let me not forget to add that I am longing to order the navy pair they also have in stock. Something about the added platform and the skinny laces, just scream androgynous and chic. I'm in love. If you're looking for a great shoe, check out Zara. You won't be disappointed. Take my word for it.

What do you think about them?

How would you pair them?

just developed a strange love for skirts (used to hate the thing) so I'll pair it with a calf length pencil skirt - (high waist and print) and a white or nude coloured long sleeved chiffon top or a sleeveless one and a blazer. for accessories & jewelry - my big round earring cause my hair is cropped short (pixie), a simple bangle, long necklace - simple and a clutch bag.
Yessss! Totally agree :) @Gacrus
I love it. ^^
Sounds like the perfect outfit! I love pencil skirts and I think they would look excellent with these shoes. Thanks so much @Priscilla!
Yesss! I saw the black ones in f21. Love!!! @TessStevens
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